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Roosters, Eggs and Portals

Here are some mind blowing connections, and let me preface this and say I am merely skimming on the top of all the events and information that is flowing through the stream. There is so much happening right now it is hard to keep up with all the action. I apologize for the over simplistic writing.

This mornings news starts with a massive Earthquake in Tacloban. Tacloban the first city mentioned was nearly destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. Haiyan means Petrel in Chinese?

“The word petrel comes from the Latin name for the Christian Saint Peter, and refers to the habits of certain species to hover just above the ocean waves, with their feet barely touching the water, thus giving an appearance of walking on water, as St. Peter is said to have done.”-Wiki

“The common name does not indicate relationship beyond that point, as “petrels” occur in three of the four families within that group (all except the albatross family, Diomedeidae). Having a fossil record that was assumed to extend back at least 60 million years, the Procellariiformes was long considered to be among the older bird groupings, other than the ratites, with presumably distant ties to penguins and loons. However, recent research and fossil finds such as Vegavis show that the Galliformes (pheasants, grouse and relatives), and Anseriformes (ducks, geese) are still not fully resolved.”-Wiki

I am plucking out the word Galliformes here for a couple of reasons. Grouse stands out as earlier in the week we were invited for drinks and Hors d’oeuvre from a lovely 94 year old WWII vet. The first drink he brought my husband was Tellamore Dew whiskey (Tellamore used to be known as an area called Firceall (meaning Fir Ceala Men of the Churches) the second drink he poured him was The Famous Grouse scotch.

“Galliformes is an order of heavy-bodied ground-feeding birds that includes turkey, grouse, chicken, New World quail and Old World quail, ptarmigan, partridge, pheasant, francolin, junglefowl and the Cracidae. The name derives from “gallus”, Latin for “cock” or “rooster”.”-Wikipedia

Earlier in the week I had started a two part blog about The Rooster, you can see here.

I started this blog making connections to the rooster from an article talking about finding the Rooster from Notre Dame after the fire.
It uses ‘Spiritual Lightning rod as a descriptive title. Lightning is an attribute of Uranus and rules Aquarius. Uranus is considered an awakener as well as a Rooster. It heralds the dawn and could it be that it is heralding the dawning of a new age. The week of April 15th we have been transitioning between Aries and Taurus. Those transitions I have talked about before as ‘portal’ dates. 21st-22nd belongs to no one in terms of the Zodiac. It is where the two signs overlap.

Vesica Pisces

Prior to our leaving Princeton (the center where the duration was longest of the 2017 Great American Eclipse) I had stopped off at the post office when I heard a Rooster crow. Not a normal event at the post office. After the Rooster crowed twice I said ” If it crows again we are in trouble, Im outta here” No doubt it crowed.

We also recently started attending a new place of worship, the first person I meet two weeks ago in said place was Peter. Ever since then Peter has been showing up in various forms. So back to the earthquake in Tacloban. The earthquake hit at 9:11 GMT (Green Witch?) Many have been comparing the Notre Dame fire to our 911 as there are two towers.

Magdalene is the Lady of the Labyrinth and it is burning

While creating a glyph last week that I included in my Rooster blog I was using symbols that connect to one another, and I was looking for the constellation of the Rooster as I had used that symbol in a fiction book I have been working on , when I was writing the book I had no idea if there was a rooster constellation or not, but checking that fact last week I found out indeed there was at one time a constellation referred to as the rooster. It was called Gallus and eventually changed into Puppis.

“Puppis /ˈpʌpɪs/ is a constellation in the southern sky. Puppis, the Poop Deck, was originally part of an over-large constellation, the ship of “Jason and the Argonauts”, Argo Navis, which centuries after its initial description was divided into three parts, the other two being Carina (the keel and hull), and Vela (the sails of the ship).”

Argo Navis

The rooster would then be where the red ribbon ship hull is leading us right into Columbia and Pisces, the Piscis Volans ie..Vesica Pisces. Colombo Church attack right on portal date entering Taurus. An intentional sacrifice to open a portal through Colobo (Columbus) via the Vesica Pisces? We also have the anniversary of Columbine this last week as well.

I have also noticed that Tacloban had a ship as their symbol, as well as Paris, not only does Paris have a ship, but Red and Blue together. The transformation of Alchemy has begun, at this moment of this writing rain has begun to threaten Notre Dame. Fire/Water, Red and Blue. The Catholic Church is being judged harshly.

Flag of Paris
Motto(s): Fluctuat nec mergitur
“Tossed by the waves but never sunk”

Paris’s flag motto reminds me of the RMS Titanic billed as the Unsinkable Ship, that went down on April 15, the same day as Notre Dame/Rooster.

Christopher Columbus, Easter Magdalene and the Egg

Monument to the discovery of America by Columbus in the shape of an egg in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Spain

There is a story about Christopher Columbus and an Egg. I will also note that part of the Magdalene Cypher I found was that CC is code for the Black Sun/Eclipse. Ill remind you that a Black Sun is a portal, and for good reason the ancients feared it. Chris Cornell wrote and sung the song Black Hole Sun, and we recently saw for the first time a Black Hole which people were suggesting that it be named after Cornell.

Back to Columbus Egg:

“Columbus being at a party with many noble Spaniards, where, as was customary, the subject of conversation was the Indies: one of them undertook to say: —”Mr. Christopher, even if you had not found the Indies, we should not have been devoid of a man who would have attempted the same that you did, here in our own country of Spain, as it is full of great men clever in cosmography and literature.” Columbus said nothing in answer to these words, but having desired an egg to be brought to him, he placed it on the table saying: “Gentlemen, I will lay a wager with any of you, that you will not make this egg stand up as I will, naked and without anything at all.” They all tried, and no one succeeded in making it stand up. When the egg came round to the hands of Columbus, by beating it down on the table he fixed it, having thus crushed a little of one end; wherefore all remained confused, understanding what he would have said: that after the deed is done, everybody knows how to do it; that they ought first to have sought for the Indies, and not laugh at him who had sought for it first, while they for some time had been laughing, and wondered at it as an impossibility.”

I am pretty sure that Columbus sacrificed some natives as well for his trip through the egg.

Easter and Eggs, where did the tradition start? For this purpose it doesn’t really matter except of the fact that it is showing that this time of year there must be a crack in the fabric of reality that allows for the passage between worlds. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity Mary Magdalene is portrayed many times as holding a red egg.

Magdalene Red Egg

Magdalene birther of the New Age

According to tradition, after Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, the Magdalene—a wealthy woman of some importance—boldly presented herself to the Emperor Tiberius Caesar in Rome to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with an egg in hand to illustrate her message.

Holding the egg out to him, she exclaimed for the first time what is now the universal Easter proclamation among Christians, “Christ is risen!”

The emperor, mocking her, said that Jesus had no more risen than the egg in her hand was red. Immediately, the egg turned red as a sign from God to illustrate the truth of her message. The Emperor then heeded her complaints about Pilate condemning an innocent man to death, and had Pilate removed from Jerusalem under imperial displeasure.

The egg is also found present in the Jewish Passover Seder. And this last weekend we had a collision of Passover and Easter, both using Eggs in their traditions. I’ve read various reasons why the egg is present on the Seder Plate, however in the context of this blog, I am seeing a correlation that is mind blowing. Mary Magdalene was the first person to witness Yahshuah after his Resurrection, after having celebrated Pesach (passover) with Yahshuah and the disciples, this would have left a deep impression because along with the egg on the Seder plate is a shank bone of a Lamb representing the sacrifice of the lamb by the Israelite’s placing the blood over the door posts to protect them from the angel of Death, today many use a red ribbon placed over their door posts (red ribbon on Jason’s ship?). The entirety of the bible is made up of stories about the changing of the ages. For Moses is was leaving the age of Taurus (hence the problem with the Israelites worshiping the golden calf/BULL) For Yahshuah he was the sacrifice leaving the age of Aries and going into Pisces the FISH

Messianic Jewish Seal of Beit Eshel

Magdalene’s red egg indicates that he became the Passover Lamb to end all sacrifices for the transition between ages. He is the Bull, He is the Lamb as he said “It is Finished”. He also indicates that he was going to prepare a place for us before his crucifixion. Magdalene is present in some form at the change of every age. Moshe had Miriam his sister, Yahshuhah had Mary Magdalene, but what about this age? It says he comes for his Bride. Magdalene is not just one person this time, its the Age of Aquarius and now there are many Magdalene’s.

John 14:1

1Let not your heart be troubled: believe in God, believe also in me. 2In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I come again, and will receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. 4And whither I go, ye know the way.

Mansions/Houses are well known to describe the Zodiac Wheel. In those days Jews understood the Zodiac in terms of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the Mazzaroth, the Hebrew reckoning of the Constellations. Today we see it in terms of the Greek Zodiac. However he had 12 Disciples for a reason and each one held the attributes of each sign. We are now leaving the house of Pisces into the house of Aquarius. If one does not have the new update of a sacrifice then one is not able to move into the new house. Prepare ye the way, make the road straight. If you do not have a the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, I would highly suggest looking into Yahshuah. Egypt was judged and the book of Revelation is the future retelling/reliving of the modern day Egypt.

The path of the two Black Suns starting with the solar eclipse in 2017 and the coming solar eclipse in 2024 separated by 7 years making a very large X over the United States and the center of that cross sits over a place called Makanda Il. Makanda means “Star of Egypt” and it is in Southern Illinois commonly known as “Little Egypt” where there is a large sun Temple complex at Cahokia Mounds outside of St. Louis (back to France). Come out of her my people so that you may not partake of her plagues.

Artist rendition of Cahokia Pyramid

Rooster Portals