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Kaleidoscope Eyes

North Rose Window of Notre Dame in Paris

Yesterday a friend brought by a gift that just happened to show up in the local thrift store. It was a cute ceramic Kaleidoscope. I peeked inside and saw a lovely Star of David surrounded by many shapes and colors, sparkling lights that were emanating from a large Q the same friend found at the thrift store. Someone is sending a Message or my friend is part of a secret group, either way it really doesn’t matter to me because EVERYTHING is code to me. It all gets incorporated into the larger experience, and happened to come at a time I was also parsing some code on Twitter about Ice Cream and Stained Glass windows. It’s one big beautiful dance, much like watching a movie.

This morning during our morning covfee 😉 my dear husband started singing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. I had forgotten about that song talking about a girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes.

In the link to the lyrics it gives a lot of info about each line in the song.

While some of the interpretations are valid, I have with what is happening in live code a bit different view, and I am someone with the condition actually known as Kaleidoscope Vision.

Kaleidoscope vision is not a stand-alone condition, but rather a visual symptom of migraines or conditions like a stroke or brain injury. A person experiencing kaleidoscope vision may perceive their visual field to be fractured, vividly colored, or scrambled — similar to looking through a kaleidoscope.“

Basically for me it starts as a small pin sized aberration in my vision and I hardly notice but there is a feeling in my eyes about it, then it starts to grow as this pulsing light that creates a spiral and grows outward, it becomes like stained glass geometric shapes of various colors usually it starts in my right eye and moves towards my left and ends in the left eye, it last about 30-45 mins and I never get a headache. I was once talking to a Dr. I worked for about it who was an eye specialists, he said “No one knows what causes them, its a mystery”, then he asked me “What do you think causes them?” I knew what it was mostly, it was the light, it has something to do with the light and the angle of the light. It seemed I mostly got them at the Spring Equinox and the Summer Equinox, when the light is the brightest. My first experience was when I was pregnant with my son. I just so happened to be working at an Optical Lab when it hit.

So what does this mean? Well it is interesting to note that many of the Stained Glass windows or Rose Windows as they are called seem to on purpose catch the light at certain times of the year to form a special casting of the light in the church, one such famous place is Rennes Les Chateau in the south of France. It just so happens to be a Chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene herself, who would have guessed! On January 17th the light hits the window in such a way that it casts what is called ‘Blue Apples”. It also happens to be the same “Blue Apples” appear in Lincoln Cathedral on July 22nd. I am not going to speculate as to why the architects of these Churches decided to place them there, but like all code that is in my sphere I try to understand it as a living code. You see I believe these stained glass windows are the eyes of the church as they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so are these windows eyes to the Churches. “Blue Apples’ are none other that Mother Material, Matter. The building blocks of the physical reality as given by the feminine “Mary”, the mother Archetype of the last 2,000 years.

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