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The Blue Thread

I began this article after a personal epiphany about Tiffany 🙂 I have touched on this subject before with my post The Star. I lost track of when I started this writing but I believe it was about 8 mos ago or so. I needed to get it out there being the G7 have taken over St Ives Cornwall. Take a guess, its blue and “Build Better Back”…Listen assholes, you did a shitty job building this world before, it is WE who are taking it back by our Royal Right as children of YHVH and his King Yahshuah. Now get out!
THE BLUE THREAD: Pathway to the Heavenly Kingdom

Tiffany Blue, JFK, Trump, Camelot, Q, SwanSea, Moon/Silver, Cygnus, Eagles Wings etc.

Is the Tiffany Blue color the actual color that identifies and points to Yahshuah and his Kingdom? Is it the color of the Jewish Tzit Tzit’s, as the sages say it is a heavenly blue. Identified as “Robin’s Egg Blue” Is this also the color associated by the Catholic church with the Virgin Mary? Is there a linage of ‘Blue Bloods” that are the actual holders of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth? Why are they in hiding? Why when they have come to power been killed? Abraham Lincoln? JFK? JFK Jr. Martin Luther King? Even in the children’s cartoon show the Avatar himself wears a Tiffany Blue Arrow. Where is this heavenly Kingdom? Can it actually be here on earth along with those born into it? If so Why hasn’t it taken over to clean this dwelling place of evil and corruption? I believe we are in those days, and what we are experiencing now is the Establishment of this Kingdom and its people. Lets start with how I got here.

Over the reign of President Trump since 2016 many things have come about, one of them being the ultra secret yet public Q. People mistakenly call it Qanon, however this is not fully correct. Q itself was an individual or individuals posting under the simple name of Q. Releasing information over the course of 3.5 years that garnered a following of people calling themselves autistic, and like the group Anonymous, they also were doing the investigations and questions called out by Q. During this time it got pretty wild with conspiracy’s and speculation. Q clearly said that ‘disinformation’ was necessary, but why? How do you topple an evil empire that has ruled the earth nearly since time in memorial? Very, subvert and carefully, and you need to play them at their own game. “The Art of War”. Where as Anonymous say they have no leader, but were born out of a hacker group for justice, at least their version of Justice. Q and its followers also believe they are doing justice. However, recently it has come under great pressure as it is being called a ‘cult’ along with anyone that supports Trump, and it has been vicious. But why so vicious? Has Q or Trump himself called for some Hitler like violent revolution to destroy anyone? If so I would like to see it. Compared to the works of Antifa and the violent calls for death from the opposing side, where nothing is done, they are in a seeming panic, even though Trump is out of office, why are they so scared? I will tell you, because their reign is over and time is up…simply put. GAME OVER. So now that we know their kingdom is dead, one can research it if they understand what that kingdom is, it is very evident. My question is, what is the Kingdom of Heaven and the signs of those connected into it….I started thinking about the day Trump came to office, First Lady Melania Trump handed outgoing office holders a present. A Tiffany Blue box. It was off script and really threw them for a loop ;), Many speculated but MO came out on the Ellen show and said it was a Tiffany silver FRAME……Melania happened to be wearing the same color outfit that Jackie Kennedy was wearing on JFK’s inauguration day. Tiffany Blue. Is it a wonder that Trump Tower is right next door to Tiffany’s and his daughters name is Tiffany? What is trying to tell us? Something is surely different about this President and his term as President, and is it actually over or is he just waiting for the big reveal?

Starting with the origin of Tiffany.

First Tiffany in America lived in SWANSEA Mass…notice the blue?….ie CYGNUS which is near Lyra, Vultures Cadens and Aquilla.. Yahshuah says where the Vultures/Eagles are there the body gathers.

The Return of the Son of Man
…27For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 28Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather. 29Immediately after the tribulation of those days: ‘The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.’…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Charles Lewis Tiffany (February 15, 1812 – February 18, 1902) was an American businessman and jeweler who founded New York City’s Tiffany & Co. in 1837. Known for his jewelry expertise, Tiffany created the country’s first retail catalog and introduced the English standard of sterling silver in imported jewelry in 1851. -Silver, Moon…

Where did Charles Tiffany live? Ie his Moon? It should tell us about this linage. Madison and 72nd street. Interesting thing, 72 is the number of letters in the name of YHVH. It is considered incomprehensible and impossible to speak. So when you see this number, it is saying something specific. GOD. Madison, when I think of this street and name I am taken to Daryl Hannah’s role in the movie Splash. She was a Mermaid. Interestingly enough there is a Royal linage of people from the Mermaid linage and they were the Merovingian. Believed to be direct descendants of Yahshuah and Mary Magdalene. Literally Holy Blood Holy Grail. We can not delve into this story without the Holy Grail! Strangely enough if you were to look at the story of the Constellation of Cygnus, it tells the story about who these ‘Swans’ were according to the Greek legends.

Together with other avian constellations near the summer solstice, Vulture cadens and Aquila, Cygnus may be a significant part of the origin of the myth of the Stymphalian Birds, one of The Twelve Labors of Hercules. 12 disciples? Body of Yahshuah….mmhm. The birds’ appellation is derived from their dwelling in a swamp in Stymphalia.[1][2] Did Somebody say SWAMP?

Remember in an upside down world as Greek is, being that it is a kingdom that has died, in other words a dead tree. If you are in this world and living by it, it means that you are upside down to the Living Tree of YHVH and his Kingdom. To remove yourself from it, isnt as simple as one thinks, however the path has been cleared for us to make it to YHVH’s Kingdom. You can betcha that YHVH’s people are a massive threat to any of these dead trees full of Zombies. Because Life is of the Creator! His is a Tree of Life! Roman, Greek, Egyptian and other unheard of cultures that have come and gone are dead! And those that we have today that come from that linage have forgotten who they are and have lost view of the Kingdom, but some have not. First clean it up so we can even see and understand what that looks like….

Tiffany acquired and sold some of the French Crown Jewels in 1887, firmly establishing its reputation. France plays a pretty big role in this story as well as Cornwall, where we find the legends of King Arthur.

Tzit Tzits

Imagine a line traveling from Israel and going through France and then over to Cornwall, the physical linage did this according to extra biblical texts, but along with them they would have brought their lore. It is said that the Uncle of Yahshuah was Joseph of Arimathea and that he became wealthy through the Tin Mines of Cornwall. It is said that he along with Mary Magdalene and other disciples went through France and ended up in Cornwall where Joseph started the first church in England and it lived peacefully for 1,000 years. After Yahshuah was crucified and ascended to heaven a whole lot of things happened, everyone knew, it was obvious. He was the KING. But it was not time to take hold of the Kingdome just yet. If Joseph of Arimathea established ‘heaven’ on earth or Heavens Kingdom for 1,000 years it existed Majcial Kingdom…King Arthur’s Avalon? What if everything you have been told has been a lie, and the real truth is that Majick does exist and the people of that linage exist as well. What if Avalon is real, and its color was handed down to Tiffany like a royal seal? After all Heaven is Blue as we look up and in the Jewish traditions, the Tzit Tzit’s that men wear to remind them of the Law’s that YHVH wrote so they never forget, has a thread of blue. Never forget the Kingdom and its laws. Water, HaShamim is the name of Heaven, it means Waters. Mermaids come from water as well do they not? Yahshuah was the Avatar of the age of Pisces, again more water. I think you see…Water is blue as well, and is a mirror to Heaven.

Tzitzit are usually attached to the four corners of the tallit gadol, (prayer shawl) usually referred to simply as a tallit or tallis; and tallit katan (everyday undergarment). Messianic Jews also wear them as separate tassels tied to belt loops. A Tallit is also known as Wings….You see, the Jews are the Law keepers, and truly the only ones that have held ground here for us, even though traditional Jews do not see Yahshuah as Moshiach, Messiah or King, many are beginning to see. Eventually all will see, and when the Jews see it says they will weep as one weeps for their only begotten son. Why? Because they will understand that he was with them all along, that the Torah screams his name, and all along while they denied him and those that belong to him, He loved them all along. Yahshuah means Salvation of YAH after all. Awake o Israel!

Tiffany was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1878. The Legion of Honour Légion d’honneur, is the highest French order of merit, both military and civil. Established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, it has been retained by all later French governments and régimes.

First Empire

In a decree issued on the 10 PluviôseXIII (30 January 1805), a grand decoration was instituted. This decoration, a cross on a large sash and a silver star with an eagle, symbol of the Napoleonic Empire, became known as the Grand aigle (Grand Eagle), and later in 1814 as the Grand cordon (big sash, literally “big ribbon”).

There is a lot going on here with Boaparte, Eagles and their Red Ribbon. This Honor replaced the Imperial Orders, as Bonapart was part of the new Revolution of Knowledge and Reason.

Restoration of the Bourbon King of France in 1814

Louis XVI changed appearance of the order, but it was not abolished. To have done so would have angered the 35,000 to 38,000 members. The images of Napoleon and his eagle were removed and replaced by the image of King Henry IV, the popular first king of the Bourbon line. Three Bourbon fleurs-de-lys replaced the eagle on the reverse of the order. A king’s crown replaced the imperial crown. In 1816, the grand cordons were renamed grand crosses and the legionnaires became knights. The king decreed that the commandants were now commanders. The Légion d’honneur became the second-ranking order of knighthood of the French monarchy, after the Order of the Holy Spirit. The Order of the Holy Spirit was made with a blue ribbon, a sky blue, or Tiffany Blue Ribbon. Understanding Holy Blood Holy Grail business, you would know that the Merovingian Kings were supposedly a blend between the Heavenly linage and the Dragon Linage..Ie Satanic. They were imbued with great power, and from my understanding, you can use the colors of Red and Blue. Water and Fire, to distinguish between the two realms, or lineages. The order of the Holy Spirit has symbology of Yahshuah with the Dove. Dove in Hebrew is Yonah/Jonah and he told them that only the sign of the Dove would be given to an adulterous generation. JONAH, FISH, WATER, DOVE. The Cathars also used the dove in their symbology, they were known as weavers (thread again) could it be that they knew about the blue thread? They believed that the Catholic Church and the old testament God were Satanic. They ended up being destroyed and the first Inquisition was created just for them. So deeply were the Cathars destroyed that they nearly were lost to history in the memory hole. However, enough information was saved about them in the Catholic annals that their memory survived enough for the prophecy that was uttered by the last Cathar Gulliume Bullibaste “When the Laurel turns green, then shall we return after 700 years. Gullime spoke those fateful words according to legend in 1321. We are here now! Their ribbon?

The King of France was the Sovereign and Grand Master (Souverain Grand Maître), and he made all appointments to the order. Members of the order can be split into three categories:

  • 8 Ecclesiastic members;
  • 4 Officers;
  • 100 Knights.

Initially, four of the ecclesiastic members had to be cardinals, whilst the other four had to be archbishops or prelates. This was later relaxed so that all eight had to be either cardinals, archbishops or prelates.

Members of the order had to be Roman Catholic and had to be able to demonstrate three degrees of nobility. The minimum age for members was 35, although there were some exceptions:

  • Children of the king were members from birth, but they were not received into the order until they were 12;
  • Princes of the Blood could be admitted to the order from the age of 16;
  • Foreign royalty could be admitted to the order from the age of 25.

All knights of the order were also members of the Order of Saint Michael. As such, they were generally known by the term Chevalier des Ordres du Roi (i.e. “Knight of the Royal Orders”), instead of the more lengthy Chevalier de Saint-Michel et Chevalier du Saint-Esprit (i.e. “Knight of Saint Michael and Knight of the Holy Spirit”)

A prince du sang (French pronunciation: ​[pʁɛ̃s dy sɑ̃], Prince of the Blood) is a person legitimately descended in dynastic line from any of a realm‘s hereditary monarchs. Historically, the term has been used to refer to men and women descended in the male line from a sovereign

Like I said, Holy Blood…quite literally it is found in their symbology in France, it screams all of this everywhere you look…Marie is their patron..Mary is just everywhere. Even in their crown. The fleur de lys is another important symbol, that ties to Mary Magdalene, Venus, the Honeybee and Royalty.

The Crown of the Prince of Blood.. or the Blood, meaning the Holy Royal bloodlines. Red and Blue is the colors of France…Red White and Blue exactly. Same as the United States and several other countries…Why? Masculine (Red, Adam, Earth) Blue (Feminine, Water, Heavenly). Understanding these two realms together then you have rulers over both heaven and earth, and all the elements between. The Pearl also an important ingredient as the Gates into the New Jerusalem, the heavenly city are giant pearls. Pearls speak of purity, the moon, mother and are born from the sea. Mermaids, Lighthouses, Shells, are all water elements, as well as dolphins and the Royal French linage of Marie Antoinette she herself a Dauphin. We are discovering the Holy Blue thread that runs throughout this realm, once we find it and remember it, only then can we recover it and establish it, preparing for our true King in legend he was Arthur, but in the true spiritual realm and soon earthly realm he is Yahshuah~

Tiffany gave us the color that will open up many pathways if we search for them. All one has to do is follow his life, and it will lead us to the places and things to remember. Well in the postings of Q he says “There are no such things as coincidence.”

Bernard Arnault and wife Helena

Currently Tiffany is owned by Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVHM. When I say these people know this and believe this, they literally wear it out loud. This is Bernard and his wife Helena. Guess what his kids name are? Dauphine and Antoine…. Could these people secretly be attempting to bring back the old Royal kingship’s? I myself am a child of these Royal Lineages. Learn to decode their symbols and you will be able to see who believes and belongs where. She is also wearing the Four Leaf clover, a secret symbol of the Martha linage, where there is a Mary, there is a Martha. In the past these Royal Lineages dueled it out, but they were all destroyed in the new age of reason and science. Like jealous family members hating one another, but if an outside force comes to destroy them all will they once again put down their ego and look to the holy one and reunify for once and for all. Together they form the matrix of this reality, separated it is fallen.

Bernard also met with Putin who recently announced that they have cut all ties with Rothchilds…Rothchilds are about as close to satanic kingdom as you can get. So interesting when he met with Putin, the color of the room is unmistakable, at a round table no less. What could they be doing?

Putin and Bernard

Today in my morning Journey we watched the Last Airbender episode “The Library”. I recognized a lot of elements that had to do with Intelligence and underground knowledge. Clock, Astronomy/Astrology, Eclipse, the Fire Nation being out of Balance which had taken out all the Air Elements except one Avatar the last Intellecence. It was told that the Fire Nation is weakest during an Eclipse. I then said X marks the spot and remembered that my mother linage goes to Cornwall. I looked up Eclipse and Cornwall and found out that the last eclipse on the spring equinox was in Newquay Cornwall, it was the first place the eclipse touched on land, and that they had found a 3,500 yr old Chieftan there. After this we had a long discussion about my journey and Eric and how he relates to all this. I said how can we help him, and JB answered with give him something kind he is not expecting. The with a vision, he saw the Globus Cruciger on a staff and said but it had black and white feathers, I knew then I saw what Eric needed. I saw a Ceremony where he received a Raven necklace and was welcomed into our ‘tribe’…Tribe? Holy shit, we are a lost TRIBE!!!! Tribe of the Black Sun, but done through penitence..the Penitant tribe not the freaking way the Nazi’s did it! ERIC AND I GO WAY BACK AND IT MUST HAVE BEEN THAT THE MOTHER WELCOMED IN THE SON…I have NEVER WELCOMED HIM IN. I started to remember being a tribe and realized that they had taken it all from us, and wiped our memories! I looked up Cornwall and the flag is a black background with a white cross. Could it be that our weird majick, anxiety, and just odd lives could be explained by coming from this tribe? Prior to Yahshuah’s sacrifice could it be that our people were the Sacrifice? Bloodlines? Or vice versa? Either way, as we have said all along, YOU NEED A SACRIFICE OR ONE WILL BE TAKEN. It is how you pay for KNOWLEDGE…CHILDREN ARE THE HIGHEST FORM OF GODS KNOWLEDGE! The OWL…MOLOCH TAKES FOR THIS ‘SIN’ KNOWLEDGE. YAHSHUAH PAID THE PRICE…..So then in the story of THE LIBRARY the Owl said….in the underground library, people use this knowledge to have power over others. It is also the Serpent in the bible and other cultures that symbolize knowledge. We can then see this as the Asp on the bronze pole that healed the children of Israel. They were supposed to see that it was the quest for Knowledge over YHVH that got them into this mess via EVE and ADAMS mistake. It is then the SERPENT that is placed on the pole, meaning TREE meaning ASHERAH. Otherwise they got the SEREPHEAM….FIRE ANGELS. THE BLACK SUN..IE KNOWLEDGE OF MASCULINE AND FEMINE..THE QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE BEYOND YHVH. YAHSHUAH WAS PLACED ON THE TREE AND BECAME ALL KNOWLEDGE..THE GRID, TO CLEANSE IT AND BE THE FINAL SACRIFICE FOR THE ORIGINAL SIN. If you do not you go through a fire rite and become the sacrifice.

Shamanic People of Cornwall would have been of the Celtic people. Who btw colored themselves SKY BLUE….The picts are the most notable people that did this, and they were fierce…THEY WERE THE AIR TRIBE. CONSUMED BY FIRE TRIBE….THE PICTS…..

The Celtic People are in my opinion Naphtali. Through a series of discovery events and following the blue path, I found my way through the south of France (Gaul/Gael,Galatians) where previously I had discovered the Magdalenea Neolithic Peoples. It is my personal believe that these are also the origin of the Celtic people. They were called the Reindeer people as that was their majickal talisman animal. I had also correlated them to Mammoth Cave Ky where believe it or not, a 6ft tall read headed shaman woman was found. She was buried exactly as the tradition of Egyptian burials which seemed somewhat incredible. I believe these to be the one and same Magdalenea people. They deemed her Faun Hoof as she was wearing a necklace of baby deer hooves. How is it that if they are all the same people, they could have been so spread out? I do not pretend to have the answers to time and how it plays out, I believe it is much more complicated that simple linear time. I believe it is something far beyond that, and gets into dimension, age shifts and things we do not fully understand. I just find the correlations and put them together. There is a painting known in the Gnostic Esoteric world by Poussian as Et in Arcadia Ego. It seems there that a man is pointing to a tomb of sorts and it is considered by many as an actual place. I see it as saying, here is where you died, in a perpetual circle. The ego viewing death and rebirth. I happened Per chance while I looked this painting up, I also saw a person that painted a lovely painted and named it by the same name. I knew then I was on the right track.

EDIT: Yesterday I literally just hung my Poussian art, one of them being Et in Arcadia Ego. It hangs along with Poussians Jesus healing the Blind over my buffet. I I’m guessing Warren Buffet is having a hamburger in Paradise?

It is also an Eclipse that is right directly over my ancestral Mother Linage in Canada and Cornwall. It is like a horse shoe shape…Black Sun Horse incoming!

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