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Will the real Mary Magdalene please stand up?

At the beginning of each age there is an Avatar that stands up to set the age on a trajectory, a path. At the beginning of the age of Pisces the avatar that stands out is Yahshuah/Jesus. He called people to become fishers of Men. It was a time period to put down the weapons of war as they were leaving the age of Aries. The wheel of the zodiac progresses backwards from our point of view. He called for people to enter into the new Kingdom, an age of peace, forgiveness and mercy, and they killed him for it. The next age after Pisces is Aquarius on the wheel, and who will stand out as the Avatar? Well if you haven’t noticed there is a heavy push towards Mary Magdalene, in the 1970’s the musical Jesus Christ Superstar had a big impact on the Magdalene Archetype, along with the 5th Dimensions hit Age of Aquarius this was just the beginning of the rise of Magdalene. In the 1980’s the book Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln raised the question about the actual death of Yahshuah, and subsequently the blood linage of he and Mary Magdalene’s progeny, that they lived through it and had children that became the Merovigian Kings and Queens.
St. Radegunda
Merovingian queen

The next big push was the video game Assassin’s Creed that walked players through historical places fighting the Knights Templar, in my opinion this game did more to awaken the Grail story inside of young people, asking all the questions about this lore, looking themselves to find this Holy Grail. Da Vinci Code then building on this archetype exploded on the scene and pushed the story and archetype into the stratosphere. So what is happening? Is this a secret agenda to awaken the archetype? If so by who or what and why? I actually believe it is both an agenda by spirit and men, as really men do nothing beyond themselves, but they are driven by something beyond themselves.

And now she has become a favorite among the New Age, Pagan and Witches, along with the Satanic adherents. Why has so many versions of Mary Magdalene being revered, yet none of them, take into account the Man she loved, followed and gave her life for? Lets say she did start out as a prostitute, Egyptian tantric Sex Slave, witch Alchemist extraordinaire, she certainly did not stay that way. She became the first church (when I say church, I dont mean Christian). The church is his wife and he is coming back for her. Soon.

The Catholic Church understands these age changes and have used this knowledge to usurp the age, how do I know this? I was born into this archetype, and when my awareness grew I saw exactly how it was happening, and what the next move in this symphony is planning.

Remembering previous posts where I talk about the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, you will always have an above world version and a below world version. The Saint and the Whore. They will hold various pieces of the Archetype of Magdalene. The one good thing the Catholic Church did do was to lay out pretty clearly all the Archetypes through their Saints. A lot of what the Catholic Church says is true, except they are coming from an underworld perspective, and typically using a dark and shadowed intent, painted as if it is above world. So in the coming series, we will take a look at who they say she is, and what she really became. Who was it that says they have her bones and use her as an underworld majical talisman? We will start with the Catholic Church. And hopeful by the end of this investigation the picture will be clear.