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The Star

The T1 collection, a modernized version of Tiffany’s original T designs from the Eighties, was meant to hit the jeweler’s stores and e-commerce on April 1. Now with most of Tiffany’s North American and European stores closed under coronavirus lockdown, the collection’s target in-store release date has been adjusted to later this spring.

T1 Tau Aquarii
Skat and T1 together in the Right Calf of Aquarius
Fixed star Skat, Delta Aquarii, is a 3.3 magnitude green star on the right leg of the Water Bearer, Aquarius Constellation. The traditional name Skat comes either of two Arabic words. The Arabic word الساق (as-saq) which means leg or shin; otherwise the Arabic word شئت (ši’at) which means wish.
In ancient times, tau was used as a symbol for life or resurrection, whereas the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, was considered the symbol of death.
In Biblical times, the taw was put on men to distinguish those who lamented sin, although newer versions of the Bible have replaced the ancient term taw with mark (Ezekiel 9:4) or signature (Job 31:35). Its original sound value is a voiceless alveolar plosive, IPA /t/
The symbolism of the cross was connected not only to the letter chi but also to tau, the equivalent of the last letter in the Phoenician and Old Hebrew alphabets, and which was originally cruciform in shape; see Cross of Tau
Eclipse paths
Chromosome 17
The Star (XVII) is the 17th trump is Aquarius
Carolyn and John Kennedy at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, 1997

Mary’s Diary
July 22

In the end, the burial fight proved moot. The bodies were cremated, the remains placed in “Tiffany blue” cardboard boxes, and a burial at sea was planned.

The next day, July 22, Kennedy and other family members, including his uncle Ted, got into three vans, with a police escort, for the trip to Woods Hole, Mass. There they boarded a Navy cutter and rendezvoused with the destroyer USS Briscoe a mile off the coast. The ship took them out 20 miles off Gay Head, Mass., about a mile from the crash site.

“The water had more jellyfish in it than anyone had ever seen. When they let go of the ashes, the plume erupted and settled in the water and passed by in the green current like a ghost. We tossed flowers onto the ghosts. Some of the girls tossed letters from a packet they’d assembled from John’s and Carolyn’s friends. It was a civil violation but the Coast Guard let it go,” Kennedy writes

Q17 JFK’s Memorial Washington D.C
Q or q is the 17th letter of the modern English alphabet
Tiffany’s and Trump Tower Atlas Clock above Tiffany’s
JFK Jr. and Trump

“It might seem obvious now that it had to be a frame, but on Inauguration Day there were few clues.

But instead of pivoting for the photograph, Mrs. Trump handed Mrs. Obama a rectangular box wrapped in robin-egg blue paper and a white bow. Mrs. Obama grabbed it with two hands and then panicked. It was not part of the script, she confirmed on the show.”

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