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The Star

The T1 collection, a modernized version of Tiffany’s original T designs from the Eighties, was meant to hit the jeweler’s stores and e-commerce on April 1. Now with most of Tiffany’s North American and European stores closed under coronavirus lockdown, the collection’s target in-store release date has been adjusted to later this spring.

T1 Tau Aquarii
Skat and T1 together in the Right Calf of Aquarius
Fixed star Skat, Delta Aquarii, is a 3.3 magnitude green star on the right leg of the Water Bearer, Aquarius Constellation. The traditional name Skat comes either of two Arabic words. The Arabic word الساق (as-saq) which means leg or shin; otherwise the Arabic word شئت (ši’at) which means wish.
In ancient times, tau was used as a symbol for life or resurrection, whereas the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, was considered the symbol of death.
In Biblical times, the taw was put on men to distinguish those who lamented sin, although newer versions of the Bible have replaced the ancient term taw with mark (Ezekiel 9:4) or signature (Job 31:35). Its original sound value is a voiceless alveolar plosive, IPA /t/
The symbolism of the cross was connected not only to the letter chi but also to tau, the equivalent of the last letter in the Phoenician and Old Hebrew alphabets, and which was originally cruciform in shape; see Cross of Tau
Eclipse paths
Chromosome 17
The Star (XVII) is the 17th trump is Aquarius
Carolyn and John Kennedy at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, 1997

Mary’s Diary
July 22

In the end, the burial fight proved moot. The bodies were cremated, the remains placed in “Tiffany blue” cardboard boxes, and a burial at sea was planned.

The next day, July 22, Kennedy and other family members, including his uncle Ted, got into three vans, with a police escort, for the trip to Woods Hole, Mass. There they boarded a Navy cutter and rendezvoused with the destroyer USS Briscoe a mile off the coast. The ship took them out 20 miles off Gay Head, Mass., about a mile from the crash site.

“The water had more jellyfish in it than anyone had ever seen. When they let go of the ashes, the plume erupted and settled in the water and passed by in the green current like a ghost. We tossed flowers onto the ghosts. Some of the girls tossed letters from a packet they’d assembled from John’s and Carolyn’s friends. It was a civil violation but the Coast Guard let it go,” Kennedy writes

Q17 JFK’s Memorial Washington D.C
Q or q is the 17th letter of the modern English alphabet
Tiffany’s and Trump Tower Atlas Clock above Tiffany’s
JFK Jr. and Trump

“It might seem obvious now that it had to be a frame, but on Inauguration Day there were few clues.

But instead of pivoting for the photograph, Mrs. Trump handed Mrs. Obama a rectangular box wrapped in robin-egg blue paper and a white bow. Mrs. Obama grabbed it with two hands and then panicked. It was not part of the script, she confirmed on the show.”

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The Magnificent Diaries of Mary Elizabeth Melville,Esq

“I turn looking at the rose of the P then to that of the S,
then from the S to the P until my mind is dizzy.”
08/14/2018, 09:45:11

July 22
How do I tell of a story that spans thousands of years and hundreds of historical characters knowing something so well but hardly able to speak it. It’s a curse, to hold such understanding and knowledge but not be able to relate it-only to be able to blurt random bits of information-hoping that someone will understand. To not be respected as an authority and yet you lived the experience-you see it, know it, it is like unraveling the blueprint handed to you by the Grand Architect. . To be the one to alert people the labyrinth is burning and no one can hear your voice, or if they do they don’t believe it, as they walk through the the flames not understanding why they are burning. The labyrinth is on fire, it is being destroyed, it is the end of the age-and this old pattern will not continue. It is madness, to know a thing is true, to have the evidence of the thing, to see it living and morphing for all to see, and all are blind, except for a few, but what has been their fate? For some it has been insanity, some murder, some imprisoned and others thrown away, tossed to the side and devalued to shut their voice down. It is time for a new paradigm, it is time for the curse to be broken, they or it, I do not know even how to describe this ‘force’, it has tried to stop me and every single person involved in this story of destroying its grip on humanity. But never before was it this time, this time in history, once before, 2,000 years ago, a man and a woman, to rectify the mistakes of 6,000 years ago another man and woman made. But why do we still have death and sin? He said that it was over, it was completed, but I am not experiencing the Kingdom of God. What happened? Listen to me, whomever reads this, this information is dangerous, hold to it quietly, be-careful who you speak it to, otherwise you may also awaken the eye on you.

The rise of Mary Magdalene has begun. She will no longer be silent. I see her everywhere, hear her voice, see her story. Da vinci Code, is only one example, Magdalene has hit the mainstream, no longer playing a small part in the Bible, she has become the feminine counterpart to Yahshuah. They have labeled her as a prostitute, but why? Was it because they themselves already understood the secrets of the Magdalene and wanted to keep it for themselves? Understanding that her Archetype is so powerful, they themselves desire to keep her Archetype lowly and in servitude to them? I believe this answer is Yes and not only do they keep the class of women in servitude brand them as Nuns, in many cases they stole them from their families and enslaved them, even beyond death as they use their bones as a majickal talismans, burying them into their pulpits and churches to further enslave them for their work in the underworld. Yes, Magdalene was the feminine counterpart to Yahshuah, his bride, it must be so.
What I feel I have uncovered is a conspiracy so huge and vast, that its revealing to the world, could possibly open us into another dimension, to another time. Yet to believe it is madness. It all makes so much sense now, why I wanted to be a Nun at 10 years old, yet never having stepped into a Catholic Church, sure father was Catholic but he never once attended as long as I was born. Many times he would speak of Priests and Nuns, or the Church, with such reverence. I asked him once why do you not go to church anymore? His only answer was silence.

We are surrounded by this code, this matrix. France seems to play a very big part of what I am now referring to as the Magdalene Syndrome. It all started after my trip to France, its unraveling began, at the top of a mountain called Montsegur, alone staring into a black void, losing all space and time. Only my mind and something, something else with me in that dark void. It opened up to me allowing me to see far beyond into its empty womb. It is where she enters and exits this world stage, the White Lady of Montsegur, some believe her to be Esclarmonde de Foix, the figurehead of the Cathars.
She is said to come with the smell of sweet flowers or almonds, the air becoming electric. I never experienced that, I believe what I saw was ‘it’. This white lady she shows up in many other places, and times and forms. All with the same attributes, the smell of Roses, almonds, electricity. Sometimes she is called a witch, as in the infamous Bell Witch at the caves in Tennessee. Sometimes she is called the Virgin Mary, I believe she is a manifestation of this thing, the black void, the Octopus. Its tentacles reach far and wide, wrapping the whole earth in its grid, and man does her bidding. It whispers its secrets into the ears of those who wish to gain power, money, fame, sometimes God. She promises all of them, but never does she speak of the sacrifice. Where did this thing come from? When did she show up, engulfing the great mother and masquerading as her? This is my only quest, to find out where she came from and who she, or it is.

           Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” said Alice.   The genius in madness is that they have no boundaries, and somewhere within that narrative lies truth, the world is mad, it wobbles around like a drunkard, in blind duality, a fractured mass conscious, good has become evil and evil good.   A man can believe they are a woman, that wants to marry a robot, and just because that is how they feel, yet I am crazy to believe that a dark force has enveloped our world, and it is depicted in plain sight as an Octopus wrapping its tentacles around the globe.  They taunt you with the truth in plain sight, they do their black magic right in front of everyone and have done it for a very long time.  

The oldest trick in the book, and the ones who see it are labeled crazy, conspiracy theorist, insane. I must reach out, this is the label they give all the ones like me. Their fate has been met the same way, insanity. I see it in Mary Todd Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Van Buren who is Elizabeth Van Buren you ask? She at least understood it, and attempted to convey this message. These ‘French Mysteries’. Abraham Lincoln the modern day Jesus is at the center of the American labyrinth. They raised him up he and his Mary, they sacrificed his children and his life, his wife went ‘insane’, sent her to a home in Batavia Il, a place he Abraham had served in the Army before, and knowing what they know, they used all of this to now set up a portal to hell, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a federal government-sponsored high-energy physics laboratory, where both the bottom quark and the top quark were first detected, is located in the city, which resides in Kane Co. Kane really? Its not a far leap to see the implications, Kane/Cain. The Masonic Canaanite ritual is to hit someone in the head in a symbolic killing of Hiram Abiff, this is the builder who was murdered by his fellow masons. So ole Mary goes ‘Bat shit crazy” finds herself committed by her son Robert, and lets be honest, she should go crazy, she has been through a massive fire rite. She is abandoned by pretty much everyone after the death of her husband, she is gossiped about, her children all dead except one and he betrays her and commits her to an insane asylum! They then turn Abraham into a godlike figure, making statues and marking nearly every foot step he took, every bed he slept in and places he ate and drank. They have placed a replica of his home inside a Greek temple on the land where he was born. They place guards at these spots, to protect what??? Everything has energy, EVERYTHING. Either all of it means something or nothing does.

If everything means something then why July 22nd as Magdalene’s feast day? She is our template, our blueprint, the Matrix, then what do they know? Who decided this? I must get to the bottom of this as so many questions will be answered.

I was interrupted by a small problem, my dear husband has had an attempted hack by something or someone called ‘Sleepy William’ , there has been a lack in the unity of our secret underground , it seems our William has been terribly sleepy and not doing all his assignments. These small breaches leave openings for 8 to find ways into our systems. Each one of us act as a doorway, it can either be shut or opened, everytime we respond to our programing, it causes the doors to be unlocked and possibly open to some entity to breach the main hull and attach itself to the controls and create problems. Yahshuah is the 2.0 installment into the programing that should wipe the hardrive, however free will allows for us to overstep the patch update and allow the old program to run. More on that later

             The 22 of every month is what I call a portal date.  It is the day that lands in between each sign, it doesn't really belong to any sign.  These are the days when a Magdalene typically can surf between realms mermaid style, a gate opening if you will, think Fermilab, portal, Magdalene acts like a portal opening between worlds.   But July 22 holds  extra special attributes.   Not only is this day a portal day, but it is smack dab in between Cancer (the moon) and Leo (the Sun).  It is said by Astrologist's that all the other signs are ‘born’, or emanate from these two signs.  The father (Sun) and the mother (moon) birth the twins.  The entire year is born at this moment!  So in other words Magdalene creates reality!  According to the reckoning of the Gregorian calendar.   

Every planet has a dual nature:
*Mars rules Aries and its opposite Scorpio,
*Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn,
*Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces,
*Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo,
*Venus rules Taurus and Libra.
The Mars in Scorpio is different from the Mars in Aries. Scorpio is water, it rules the bladder, it has purgative qualities, sex, death and transformation is my mantra for Scorpio. Aries on the other hand is Fire, it is about the will, Action, War and Blood are Aries qualities. So depending what light you are casting through, that light will land on Mars causing that specific like to take on those attributes. The spring light cast on Mars looks like Aries and so it is for the Fall light on Mars looks like Scorpio. The Father or the Mother, the Light or the Dark, the Yin or the Yang. This is true for all the planets and signs except for Cancer and Leo. It is also during this time that is considered the darkest spiritual light of the year, it is a spiritual void. This is where matter is born into this realm, between the two signs of the father and mother, Cancer and Leo. Sun and Moon. Yahshuah and Magdalene.

The Hebrew alphabet also has 22 letters and is said to be the language that birthed the universe into being according to Kabbalists.    Whenever I see 22 I think Gemini, the twins or Mercury.  This realm is of a dual nature, Light and Dark, the Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, Good and Evil.  What is the Catholic Church trying to say by giving Magdalene a feast day of July 22?  Lets look at her other attributes to see some esoteric understanding.  If we are in a realm of duality, then surely we will find a dual Magdalene, and the same with her Masculine half Yahshuah.  Jesus and Magdalene with his ever watchful mother Mary.  This would be the Roman/Greek version.  Jesus is the Sun deity, worshiped on Sunday, the day all the churches,no matter be they Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Amish….they worship on Sunday, like their mother under the edict of the Pope, along with the same bible.  They have the same holy days, Christmas, Easter, Sunday.  And because of this it will be easy to manipulate them into pagan understandings.  Jesus being the same as other Sun deities, Osiris and his counterpart Isis.  It is this understanding that has taken hold of Magdalene in many circles.  Painting the Masculine as the ever sacrificing male and the Feminine as the perpetual grieving wife, trying to resurrect her husband. In France she is tied to the Black Madonna/Isis, despite most Black Madonnas are representations of the Virgin Mary.   Chartes Cathedral famous for its Labyrinth and its black Madonna, is closely associated to Mary Magdalene.  She is then known as the Lady of the Labyrinth, but I believe this is dark majick, designed to keep the loop closed in this realm.  Yet something amazing happened this past year.  The Black Madonna turned white.  A polarity flip!   I believe that all things regardless they be man made or by the Creator  are all signs.  

The end of the age has come and along with it many signs. The purification of those ancient stories are now. Yet many do not want to let go of the old story. If a tree is dead it will no longer bear fruits. Egyptian tree has died, along with Roman, Greek. All of our knowledge has been based on old trees, old myths and legends. Magdalene is considered the patron of Hairdressers, Prostitutes, as they were viewed as the same, Glove makers this is a mystery to me, except that the hands astrologically are ruled by Gemini. *UPDATE: Think Tom Hanks/DaVinci Code/Abraham Lincoln (Hanks was Lincolns Mother)/Wilson bloody hand glove, see my post about Palm Hand Glove.* Apothecaries, obvious for she was the woman with the Alabaster jar filled with oils, Perfumeries again obvious, and the Labyrinth, she is the Lady of the Labyrinth, because she creates it. They have known this and used this knowledge, yet its not just with Magdalenes, they also use the Masculine archetype of Jesus. With every church, or political figure, they have claimed ground and struck another tentacle on the grid to control it.

Yahshuah said that an old wine skin can not hold new wine, otherwise it burst. It is time for a new tree, and its roots must be planted firmly into the new age of Aquarius, will the Magdalene please stand up? How can we recognize her if she is something we have never seen before? First she must be able to recognize herself, and then secondly be able to lay down her attachment to the old story. This is the difficult part, if you can fully appreciate what is happening here, you will see just how massive of a change this is, nearly the same as moving to another planet, giving up family, friends, your way of life, and all the ancient stories embedded within your subconscious you didn’t even know existed. In Revelations it says there will be no more death or sadness, that every tear will be wiped away, and the memory of sadness will be no more. How is this even possible, unless Death itself is destroyed. The Magdalene is ever associated with death, as it was her husband that was given as a sacrifice to rectify the sin that Adam and Eve brought in, the fallen realm. Full Circle it was supposed to be, however what we have seen from the age of Pisces is not that, it was an age of bloodshed and war, of death, famine, plague. There isn’t a place on this earth that probably doesn’t have blood on it. How then can we even hope to elevate ourselves beyond the realm of death? You may say to yourself that I am not associated, addicted or subconsciously ruled by death? Imagine then no more movies, books, tv, songs, radio, tv, newspapers without violence, death, fear, intrigue, murder?
Even a show as harmlessness as Murder she wrote. No Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, or even sex, “la petite mort.” Magdalene has this knowledge within her, it is the knowledge of heaven and in this realm of duality, it is her hell. The healing of duality is heaven, it is the rectification of the male and female, the sun and moon, the darkness and light. In the new Jerusalem there will be no more light from the sun or moon, that the Lamb himself will be the light of this new age, but I also believe he comes for his bride, Magdalene the moon, acting as the ‘light of the new world’. Yahshuah said “ you are the light of the world, he also said that he was the Light of the world, And so he was, but what happened with this new light? It was the light of life, how did we find ourselves in a realm of death, if Yahshuah resurrected into a realm of life? He said I go to prepare a place for you, in my Fathers house, there are many mansions. Mansions are houses, and houses are also known in astrology as ages. Or Spheres on the Tree of Life When Yahshuah left this realm he left for the next age, from Pisces the fish, or on the Kabbalistic Tree the sphere of Chesed, into the next age of Aquarius the Water Bearer ruled by Saturn ie YHVH. It is the sphere of Bina, also known as the mother. In this next great age, it will once again be the age of the Great Mother ruling in harmony with Masculine Saturn. The two existing as one. The cycle complete in this tree.