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There is always a fake before the real. Trickery 2.0

*I originally started this post April 4th 2020, however as typical something distracted me and I did not finish it, now I have come back to it, forgetting all about it, and low and behold my ‘prediction’ is holding water. I will add the new update at the end. I hope this makes sense and may bring more edit back if time allows. My new addition is at the end*

Every 2,000 years or so something spectacular happens, the shift from one age to another. For us this shift is from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius as the cosmic wheel moves backwards along the zodiacal wheel from our perspective on earth. At the beginning of each age the ancients believed there needed to be a sacrifice, but why? The knowledge of this was only known to those in the know, the elite, those who ruled the kingdoms, kept in secret liege and coded mystical languages and art. When Yahshuah became the sacrificial lamb for the age of Pisces, they didn’t expect that he understood what they were doing. They didn’t expect that he was aware and fully cooperating with the process. But he was, the greatest joke ever played on the Satanic kingdom, the hand was played, and the Fool Ritual was completed. On April 3rd in the year 33 Yahshuah was crucified, and his entire story became the blueprint encoded into the next age. For every single John, Mary, Judas, Andrew, Peter, James, Phillip, Nathaniel, Thomas, Simon the story would repeat, until the culmination and rectification of every biblical story ever written, until all things were completed. We are the ones completing these stories, for every single one of us know someone with these names, or are named them our self. If it weren’t so, then why are we now not in the Kingdom of Heaven? Either its real or it is not, and this is the decision each and every person must finally make.

I have been expecting a new sacrifice for this new age, and each age will give us a hint as to who the sacrifice must be based. For Pisces its easy, it was the Fish. Much of Yahsuahs ministry and followers were involved with fishing and parables about fishing, water, boats and the sea.


There are many legends as to why early Christians used this symbol. The first appearances of the ichthys symbol, in Christian art and literature date to the 2nd century AD. The symbol’s use among Christians had become popular by the late 2nd century, and its use spread widely in the 3rd and 4th centuries.[3] In the early church, the Ichthys symbol held “the most sacred significance”, and Christians used it to recognize churches and other believers through this symbol because they were persecuted by the Roman Empire.

The Age of Pisces (The Piscean Age)

While the March equinox occurs in Pisces;

At the end of the Age of Pisces, the vernal equinox point will have moved into the constellation of Aquarius, thus beginning the Age of Aquarius. Various astrologers make widely varying claims about when the age will end or whether it has ended already.

An early Christian inscription ichthys carved with Greek letters into marble in the ancient Greek ruins of Ephesus, Turkey.The Great Cosmic Alignment interpretation: began c. 138 BC and ended 21 December 2012


Transition into the Aquarian Age

Pisces has been called the “dying god,” where its sign opposite in the night sky is Virgo, or, the Virgin Mary.[65] When Jesus was asked by his disciples where the next Passover would be, he replied to them:

When you enter the city, a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him to the house he enters, 11and say to the owner of that house, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with My disciples?’ 12And he will show you a large upper room, already furnished. Make preparations there. 22:10 And Luke 22:15
…15And He said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before My suffering. 16 17After taking the cup, He gave thanks and said, “Take this and divide it among yourselves.…

This coincides with the changing of the ages, into the Age of Aquarius, as the personification of the constellation of Aquarius is a man carrying pitchers of water. Implying that he would come again in a reunion at the age of Aquarius.

Aquarius also has a double ruler-ship: Saturn is the traditional ruler and Uranus is the modern ruler. Saturn presides over structure and form and the status quo. Because Saturn tends to be rather rigid it is often associated with the rigidity of religious doctrine.

Symbol of Aquarius MM/WW

There are many people and even cultures as in the Mayan Calendar that predicted when the end of the age of Pisces would happen, and the beginning of the next, however one thing is sure, the change of the Equinox would shift from March to February. When the March equinox occurs in Aquarius. As predicted by my Magdalene Calendar. Which I will break down in a future blog post.

Magdalene Calendar/Age of Aquarius

Yahshuah was crucified according to one scholar on April 3rd 33 ad, and this number does play into the Magdalane Calendar and current events. But before I get to that, I remember recently two things that stood out that was hinting that we may have moved into or are moving towards this new Age, along with the last sign that took place this week, I am pretty sure we are here. The first one may seem silly, however is it? I kinda look at all things are information regardless if people think it is a joke or not, many times YHVH will use the foolish and foolish things to confound the wise. Standing the brooms on end, there seemed to be a weird movement around February 10th the Broom Challenge hit, where everyone suddenly decided to do the ‘spring equinox trick’ and stand their brooms on end. Typically reserved for the Spring Equinox.

“The spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, won’t occur until March 19, so it’s not clear why the story even went viral on February 10.” To someone that is observant, there is a reason, the mass conscious mind is awakening, but not enough to understand what it is doing.

In 2015 Newsweek ran an article stating that by the end of the century spring would start arriving early due to climate change, which sets it directly into Aquarius domain. Climate change has its own Magdalene/Venus face, the young Greta Thunberg. They set her up to be the voice ie Magdalene for the new age, and quite honestly I suspected that she was going to rise to great heights, and I fully then expected her to be sacrificed to become the pillar of the new age.

The Venus/Magdalene Model
More Venus/Magdalene

However, something hasn’t really taken. Much of the public felt as if she was forced down their throats, a pill not easily swallowed, while I do think she has impacted younger generations, I do think even the younger generation felt as if something was off in the tempo and realized that this poor girl was nothing more than a programmed slave, a product of her Elite family. Aquarius will have none of that, and it is not the Elites that will be in charge this time, however their antics are still on the move as we will soon see. There is no doubt in my mind that the next age is here, and Magdalene is at the forefront. About a year ago, I had an epiphany that came along with my calendar. The last age was usurped by the Catholic Church, but who were they before they were the Catholic Church? How, in a short 200 years were they able to become so powerful, so encompassing? Because the previous age rulers only morphed, they never really died, they just changed their tactics to fit the new paradigm. The Sanhedrin of Yahshuahs time stayed in power by morphing into the Catholic Church, and they will do it again, or at least die trying.

* Update*

Queen of Heaven Initiation
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Will the real Mary Magdalene please stand up?

At the beginning of each age there is an Avatar that stands up to set the age on a trajectory, a path. At the beginning of the age of Pisces the avatar that stands out is Yahshuah/Jesus. He called people to become fishers of Men. It was a time period to put down the weapons of war as they were leaving the age of Aries. The wheel of the zodiac progresses backwards from our point of view. He called for people to enter into the new Kingdom, an age of peace, forgiveness and mercy, and they killed him for it. The next age after Pisces is Aquarius on the wheel, and who will stand out as the Avatar? Well if you haven’t noticed there is a heavy push towards Mary Magdalene, in the 1970’s the musical Jesus Christ Superstar had a big impact on the Magdalene Archetype, along with the 5th Dimensions hit Age of Aquarius this was just the beginning of the rise of Magdalene. In the 1980’s the book Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln raised the question about the actual death of Yahshuah, and subsequently the blood linage of he and Mary Magdalene’s progeny, that they lived through it and had children that became the Merovigian Kings and Queens.
St. Radegunda
Merovingian queen

The next big push was the video game Assassin’s Creed that walked players through historical places fighting the Knights Templar, in my opinion this game did more to awaken the Grail story inside of young people, asking all the questions about this lore, looking themselves to find this Holy Grail. Da Vinci Code then building on this archetype exploded on the scene and pushed the story and archetype into the stratosphere. So what is happening? Is this a secret agenda to awaken the archetype? If so by who or what and why? I actually believe it is both an agenda by spirit and men, as really men do nothing beyond themselves, but they are driven by something beyond themselves.

And now she has become a favorite among the New Age, Pagan and Witches, along with the Satanic adherents. Why has so many versions of Mary Magdalene being revered, yet none of them, take into account the Man she loved, followed and gave her life for? Lets say she did start out as a prostitute, Egyptian tantric Sex Slave, witch Alchemist extraordinaire, she certainly did not stay that way. She became the first church (when I say church, I dont mean Christian). The church is his wife and he is coming back for her. Soon.

The Catholic Church understands these age changes and have used this knowledge to usurp the age, how do I know this? I was born into this archetype, and when my awareness grew I saw exactly how it was happening, and what the next move in this symphony is planning.

Remembering previous posts where I talk about the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, you will always have an above world version and a below world version. The Saint and the Whore. They will hold various pieces of the Archetype of Magdalene. The one good thing the Catholic Church did do was to lay out pretty clearly all the Archetypes through their Saints. A lot of what the Catholic Church says is true, except they are coming from an underworld perspective, and typically using a dark and shadowed intent, painted as if it is above world. So in the coming series, we will take a look at who they say she is, and what she really became. Who was it that says they have her bones and use her as an underworld majical talisman? We will start with the Catholic Church. And hopeful by the end of this investigation the picture will be clear.

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Magdalene, The Labyrinth and the Temple

*Posting from Facebook page “The Magdalene Syndrome”*

July 2018

Over the period of the next several week we are going to be experiencing some large celestial events that seem to be lining up with some specific Holy Days and hold some powerful energies. Previously in my posts about The Magdalene Syndrome I have pointed out certain clues or a cypher. This cypher if you know it, can point to historical events, people or places that seem to all connect together in an invisible red thread that runs through time and space, and not the least of these and maybe even more importantly are the Holy Days and their alignments with the Sun, Moon and Stars.
When I first began my blog about The Magdalene Syndrome it was an attempt to try and relay some of the understanding that was revealed to me after an enlightening period I call “Wonder Bread”. For those of you that know me you will recall that my husband likened that experience to seeing Wonder Bread everywhere we looked. This cypher is a living code, embedded within movies, tv, music, art, books, people, names, places, events and it is unmistakable. I have hesitated at releasing all the information as I feel that it is possibly dangerous. This information used in the wrong hands is exactly how we find the world in the position it is now. I didn’t write the code and neither did the evil that has hijacked it, evil just understands how to manipulate it. I could have used this code to make myself a lot of money, however that is not what is important to me. A world that is free from the grip of slavery and child sacrifice at the hands of the few are much more precious than any amount of money in the world. And trust me it has cost me dearly, if you can see such a thing, there are entities that guard it, and they also know this cypher, it is a code written into the matrix, if you haven’t seen The Matrix, stop what you are doing and continue after watching, this all makes more sense. However this writing isn’t to reveal the cypher, it is to bring to attention some synchronicities that are aligned at this point in time, that very well could bring about massive change.
There is a crossover between Jewish Holy Days and Mary Magdalene’s feast day this July. Beginning on July 1st we had Shiva Asar B’Tammuz or the 17th of Tammuz in the Jewish Calendar. The Jewish Calendar is reckoned by the Moon and not the Sun. Shiva Asar B’Tammuz is the beginning of a three week mourning period leading up to the 9th of Av that is the commemorative date of the destruction of both Jewish Temples in Jerusalem. The day also traditionally commemorates the destruction of the two tablets of the Ten Commandments and other historical calamities that befell the Jewish people on the same date. According to the Mishnah (Taanit 4:6[1]), five calamities befell the Jewish people on this day:

1. Moses broke the two tablets of stone on Mount Sinai;

2. The daily offering ceased to be brought;

3. During the Roman seige of Jerusalem, the city walls were breached (proceeding to the destruction of the Second Temple);

4. Prior to Bar Kochbah’s revolt, Roman military leader Apostomas burned a Torah scroll;

5. An idol to Zeus was erected in the Temple.
Rosh Chodesh Av is July 12. This is the first day of the Jewish Month of Av. The first day of the month is headed by a New Moon, and what a month its going to be. The July 12 new moon will be in Cancer and it has some interesting energy. This all corresponds with a partial solar eclipse, Sun and Moon opposite Pluto.
In a nutshell, those aspects are going to uncover wrong uses of power, wrong values, things hidden will be brought to light, especially women. The issue about children has become a front page story, immigration, abortion, all sides fighting over their own political agenda and in the middle the children are left suffering. If you haven’t been following the new Q movement or the Truther movement, you should. There is a massive move to expose corruption and turn over every rock looking for those involved in Satanic, Child Sacrifice, and abuses of power for sexual deeds. This is happening and I cant help but to imagine that it will continue to escalate. It is no coincidence that Harvey Weinstein got caught up in all sorts of scandal right around the release of his movie about none other than….You guessed it Mary Magdalene. You cant make a movie about a prostitute Saint as a rapist and using power wrongly. This is exactly what this coming energy embodies, and it is my belief that Magdalene is behind this movement.

The power of the Magdalene is the Black Sun, the power of Truth, revealing that which is hidden. She has the ability to ‘see’ the Labyrinth. One of Saint Mary Magdalene’s names is Lady of the Labyrinth. She births each age into being, she is the blueprint of the coming age. Only one that births the age can know the Labyrinth. This knowledge in my opinion was highjacked by the Catholic Church, and it is also in my opinion the reason she was cast as a lowly prostitute. To mar her image. This black sun knowledge is powerful, it sees the truth of why something exists. The Black Sun often has bad associations with Hitler or the Occult and while those things may be true, it doesn’t make their understanding true. By its very nature the Moon (feminine) crossing the path of the Sun (masculine) is the joining of the two energies. As a metaphysical understanding joining the Masculine and Feminine is an ego death rite. The black center of the sun emitting the pure white rays, exposing truth, the true light, while the sun emits black rays, or a shadow, it is our ego (Sun) that causes our shadow to be hidden, by the blinding light. But not under a black sun. In August 21, 2017 America experienced the Great Solar Eclipse, cutting across the country for all to see, virtually splitting our country in half. Since then we can see that this is actually coming to be, I experienced this in my own life as well, experiencing many splits and betrayals, revealing the truth of who were truly my friends. These can be painful experiences to see and witness the truth behind those we thought loved us, or even of ourselves, the deception that the ego blinds one to the truth of the hidden self. There is a reason the ancients feared the Black Sun and for good reason, typically it heralded judgement. This is the understanding of the Magdalene, she is portrayed at being perpetually sad, and if she was holding the energy of the Black Sun, seeing the actual truth instead of lies it can cause a lot of sadness. Humanity needing redemption from itself in the form of her husband and then the rejection of that mercy is quite the sad story. And so it continues.
Magdalene’s feast day lines up with the 9th of Av, the commemorative day for the destruction of both Jewish Temples in Jerusalem. About a year ago I created The Magdalene Syndrome page. When I chose the background picture at the time, I did not pay attention to what the actual scene was portraying. I later found out that it was a painting of the destruction of the Temple on the 9th of Av. I also did not realize that Magdalene’s Feast day, July 22nd and the 9th of Av correspond for 2018. Could all these synchronizations be lining up for some sort of shift in the grid? The final date to look towards is July 27th , that day heralds a lunar eclipse, a blood moon on the Jewish Festival of Tu B’Av.

Tu B’Av is a minor Jewish holiday. In modern-day Israel, it is celebrated as a holiday of love similar to Valentine’s Day. It has been said to be a “great day for weddings“. According to the Mishna, Tu B’Av was a joyous holiday in the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, marking the beginning of the grape harvest. Yom Kippur marked the end of the grape harvest. On both dates, the unmarried girls of Jerusalem dressed in white garments, and went out to dance in the vineyards. That same section in the Talmud states that there were no holy days as happy for the Jews as Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur. The holiday celebrated the wood-offering brought in the Temple (see Nehemiah 13:31). Josephus refers to it as the Feast of Xylophory (“Wood-bearing”). This is a time of Weddings and in Revelation it speaks about a coming Wedding.

Revelation 19:7-9
7 Let us rejoice and exult
and give him the glory,
for the marriage of the Lamb has come,
and his Bride has made herself ready;
8 it was granted her to clothe herself
with fine linen, bright and pure”—for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints.9 And the angel said[a] to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are the true words of God.”

Could it be the time is near? What does that look like? A dimensional portal? The 22nd of each month does not belong to any sign and is considered a ‘portal day’, Magdalene’s feast day sits directly between the Sun and the Moon. Cancer and Leo, if ever there was a chart that spoke of this energy, this Cancer New Moon does. Certainly since the eclipse last August things feel as if we have slipped through some sort of surreal time period. We will face one more Solar Eclipse that will cross across the country once again in April 8th of 2024, and it also lines up with yet another Jewish day.. Rosh Chodesh Nissan, it will also be a new moon as all new moons announce the new month on the Jewish Calendar. Nissan according to the Talmud is the month when three Patriarchs died and is also considered the time when the Earth was created. This Eclipse path will cut across the opposite way of the August eclipse forming a large X across the country.

The center of this X is in Jackson County Illinois. Southern Illinois is referred to as “Little Egypt” because of several Native American mounds, the largest being Cahokia Mounds just outside of St. Louis. In the book of Revelation plagues, war and famine break out across the earth, exactly mirroring Exodus and the judgement on Egypt. Are we facing the same now? Jackson County is ironically named for Andrew Jackson, you know the guy that screwed the Native Americans over so badly. We are living on their land because of actions took by our ancestors and we continue to stomp on Natives rights. I believe that this can no longer go on as time has come to repair this holocaust. This area is also home to Giant City state park. Last year my husband and I took a trip to Giant City. The park was most certainly a native site, a stone wall that resembles a serpent runs through an area in the park, to which we sat and meditated. Serpent lines typically are marking energies on the earth, if this is the case we know that an eclipse will bring some powerful energy, if you are looking for transformation, this would be the place to do it.

In Genesis 1:14 it says: 14Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; 15and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. 16God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. 17God placed them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth, 18and to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness; and God saw that it was good.

And finally Mars will be making its closest approach to earth since 2003 on July 27th along with the Lunar Eclipse and Jewish Holy day..Whew! Mars carries the energy of war, blood, action, will. All of these energies combined with the heavy feminine influence is setting up for some interesting weeks ahead. I am not going to make any predictions for the world at this point, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that we are already at a flash point in society. Women are becoming more and more militant and these energies would indicate that the Great Mother is also unhappy as well. My advice would be to find balance during these days. Use them as a way to purge out those hidden power plays, eclipse the ego to find where the self needs purging and correcting.

For advice on how to work through this shift in the world but also in yourself, or for Astrology or Tarot consultation, contact me by private message for further information.

*ADDITION*Friday the 13 also falls under Rosh Chodesh AV, this date recalls back to October the 13 1307 when the Knights Templars were slain in a mass execution brought on for heresy by the King of France and the Catholic Church. Some believe that the Knights held secret knowledge about Mary Magdalene and were the protector of her linage. Just an extra

wink from the Universal Clock. Could possibly some secret information be revealed during this time?

**Extra UPDATE** July 13, 2018

In a perfect storm of synchronicity and like I said, secret information revealed, it was after writing this blog it was as if Magdalene herself presented me with a picture to further bolster my ascertain that the Magdalene is carrying Black Sun energy. I had been looking for evidence in art that this was the case but to no avail, until just hours after posting this showed up in the stream. Thank you to Maria-Louis Munk for the photo! Her blog can be found at

This is taken from the St. Mary Magdalene church in Bozen Italy. The church has scenes portraying the life of Mary Magdalene based on the 11th Century book the Golden Legend.

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Magdalene Restored

There has been a contiual linage of sacrifices going back to the very earliest humans, who was it that the Natives (by Native’s I am including peoples of all race) sacrificed? The answer should be apparent, whether she be called Venus or Magdalene it doesnt matter, it is the same Archetype that has been used since the foundation of time. The shocking revelation is that even up to this very day it is happening, but no longer. The sacrifice has already been met, and the power has been stripped from those that desire to use the blood of Venus embodied as a substitution for their own sins.


I lay myself down, a willing slave to gods and men.  The altar hard and cold, an unforgiving canvas, the pure love poured out creating a masterpiece,  a sacrifice for your pleasure.  The faces morph, with the long list of names, engraved upon me, to carry through time, a conscious time capsule.  What do you see in me?  Why do you chose me?  Is it pure or is it filth that causes you to think to yourselves that I am the one to cleanse your heart and all the while you become stronger and I become more damaged with each hope.  The sweetness of my soul bound to me like a curse, drawing hungry wolves to devour me like immaculate manna.  Take, eat; this is My body.  The sinner never giving thought to the savior.“-M

This was a piece that I wrote many years ago. I had no idea at the time that I was stuck in this ‘Magdalene Syndrome’, nor did I have any idea what it meant to be under and Archetype, I just felt the effects of it, and as painful as experiences in my life were, they are minor in comparison to the many women who actually were taken as a sacrifice. Lets take a look at the oldest physical representations of Venus all the way back to Paleolithic times. What I found was a shocking pattern.

Venus statues ranging from 40,000bce-11,000bce

I have a few questions about these statues that span over 30,000 years and many others I have not included here is this.

1. Who decided to label these all ‘Venus’ statues? What do they know about them to give that distinction? Could it have been moon? There have been many moon cults that were feminine, why Venus?

2. Why do they all have one thing in common, missing arms, feet and heads?

Most scholars say that it is unknown, but even the more modern Venus De Milo also has missing limbs, I just always attributed the missing limbs to age and they broke off, it never occurred to me that maybe it is depicting something else, intentional as the artist is depicting the subject not as artistic expression, but more as a remembrance for the age, like an ancient picture.

Venus de Milo on display at the Louvre
Venus De Milo 100bc

The imagery also reminded me of a movie. Boxing Helena, which has some very interesting connections.

Boxing Helena

Producer Philippe Caland initially came up with the idea, but wanted a woman to write it, and so approached Lynch after she gave a poetry reading.[5] At first Lynch didn’t take to the concept, reportedly telling him “Well, that sounds kind of terrible.”[5] However Caland was eventually able to convince her to work on it. In writing Lynch was inspired by some elements from her own childhood, stating to Vice that her being born with club feet, and her grandmother owning a Venus De Milo replica, influenced her insight into the characters,[5] explaining:

It always struck me the way people looked at the Venus. They didn’t see her as broken, they saw her as beautiful. And it really made a huge impact on me. I thought I was broken and that maybe someday someone would find me beautiful. So this idea of a damaged boy who was in an obsessive situation who would try to recreate from his own view the one thing that didn’t hit him or abandon him was this armless, beautiful woman. And therefore in a dream recreate this obsessive thing where we take from one another until we are the size and shape that we think the other person should be for us.[5

Madonna was originally supposed to play the starring role, but shortly before filming was to begin in January 1991 she dropped out, causing the production on the film to be halted.

Meanwhile, Sherilyn Fenn, who had previously worked with Lynch’s father on Twin Peaks was chosen for the title role of Helena in December 1991.- Wiki

Lynch is the creator of Twin Peaks which I did a small blog posting connecting images. I have never watched Twin Peaks, but the imagery speaks of the two trees.

What are the two trees?
Genesis 2:8
8Then Adonai Elohim planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there He put the man whom He had formed. 9Then Adonai Elohim caused to sprout from the ground every tree that was desirable to look at and good for food. Now the Tree of Life was in the middle of the garden, and also the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Hidden within the pages of the bible is the wife of God himself, Asherah. She is depicted as a tree and our first glimpse of her I believe is in the garden of Eden as the Tree of Life. I also believe that Adam came from this tree as it says…
Gen 1:27 And Elohim created the man in His own image; in the image of Elohim He created him. He created them male and female.
The word used for created is bara, according to translators it means:

bârâ’baw-raw’A primitive root; (absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed (as formative processes): – choose, create (creator), cut down, dispatch, do, make (fat).

To cut out of a tree is a proper understanding here according to the translation. If my understanding is correct then the pattern would hold. From Macro to micro scale the patter would repeat. From the Tree the creation is born, over and over.

The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We all know what happened in that glorious Garden, it was the first aberration in Humankind that still reverberates to this day. Eve presented Adam with fruit from the forbidden tree. The curse and the fall of mankind to suffer is placed on the Feminine. She is the tree that produces fruit, and so therefore has there been a perpetual linage of women that have become the sacrifice ‘paid the price’ for possibly hundreds of thousands of years? Even to this day? I will show that this has and is the case, however it does not have to be, as it was rectified on a Tree.

To be Continued……

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The Star

The T1 collection, a modernized version of Tiffany’s original T designs from the Eighties, was meant to hit the jeweler’s stores and e-commerce on April 1. Now with most of Tiffany’s North American and European stores closed under coronavirus lockdown, the collection’s target in-store release date has been adjusted to later this spring.

T1 Tau Aquarii
Skat and T1 together in the Right Calf of Aquarius
Fixed star Skat, Delta Aquarii, is a 3.3 magnitude green star on the right leg of the Water Bearer, Aquarius Constellation. The traditional name Skat comes either of two Arabic words. The Arabic word الساق (as-saq) which means leg or shin; otherwise the Arabic word شئت (ši’at) which means wish.
In ancient times, tau was used as a symbol for life or resurrection, whereas the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, theta, was considered the symbol of death.
In Biblical times, the taw was put on men to distinguish those who lamented sin, although newer versions of the Bible have replaced the ancient term taw with mark (Ezekiel 9:4) or signature (Job 31:35). Its original sound value is a voiceless alveolar plosive, IPA /t/
The symbolism of the cross was connected not only to the letter chi but also to tau, the equivalent of the last letter in the Phoenician and Old Hebrew alphabets, and which was originally cruciform in shape; see Cross of Tau
Eclipse paths
Chromosome 17
The Star (XVII) is the 17th trump is Aquarius
Carolyn and John Kennedy at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, 1997

Mary’s Diary
July 22

In the end, the burial fight proved moot. The bodies were cremated, the remains placed in “Tiffany blue” cardboard boxes, and a burial at sea was planned.

The next day, July 22, Kennedy and other family members, including his uncle Ted, got into three vans, with a police escort, for the trip to Woods Hole, Mass. There they boarded a Navy cutter and rendezvoused with the destroyer USS Briscoe a mile off the coast. The ship took them out 20 miles off Gay Head, Mass., about a mile from the crash site.

“The water had more jellyfish in it than anyone had ever seen. When they let go of the ashes, the plume erupted and settled in the water and passed by in the green current like a ghost. We tossed flowers onto the ghosts. Some of the girls tossed letters from a packet they’d assembled from John’s and Carolyn’s friends. It was a civil violation but the Coast Guard let it go,” Kennedy writes

Q17 JFK’s Memorial Washington D.C
Q or q is the 17th letter of the modern English alphabet
Tiffany’s and Trump Tower Atlas Clock above Tiffany’s
JFK Jr. and Trump

“It might seem obvious now that it had to be a frame, but on Inauguration Day there were few clues.

But instead of pivoting for the photograph, Mrs. Trump handed Mrs. Obama a rectangular box wrapped in robin-egg blue paper and a white bow. Mrs. Obama grabbed it with two hands and then panicked. It was not part of the script, she confirmed on the show.”

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The Magnificent Diaries of Mary Elizabeth Melville,Esq

“I turn looking at the rose of the P then to that of the S,
then from the S to the P until my mind is dizzy.”
08/14/2018, 09:45:11

July 22
How do I tell of a story that spans thousands of years and hundreds of historical characters knowing something so well but hardly able to speak it. It’s a curse, to hold such understanding and knowledge but not be able to relate it-only to be able to blurt random bits of information-hoping that someone will understand. To not be respected as an authority and yet you lived the experience-you see it, know it, it is like unraveling the blueprint handed to you by the Grand Architect. . To be the one to alert people the labyrinth is burning and no one can hear your voice, or if they do they don’t believe it, as they walk through the the flames not understanding why they are burning. The labyrinth is on fire, it is being destroyed, it is the end of the age-and this old pattern will not continue. It is madness, to know a thing is true, to have the evidence of the thing, to see it living and morphing for all to see, and all are blind, except for a few, but what has been their fate? For some it has been insanity, some murder, some imprisoned and others thrown away, tossed to the side and devalued to shut their voice down. It is time for a new paradigm, it is time for the curse to be broken, they or it, I do not know even how to describe this ‘force’, it has tried to stop me and every single person involved in this story of destroying its grip on humanity. But never before was it this time, this time in history, once before, 2,000 years ago, a man and a woman, to rectify the mistakes of 6,000 years ago another man and woman made. But why do we still have death and sin? He said that it was over, it was completed, but I am not experiencing the Kingdom of God. What happened? Listen to me, whomever reads this, this information is dangerous, hold to it quietly, be-careful who you speak it to, otherwise you may also awaken the eye on you.

The rise of Mary Magdalene has begun. She will no longer be silent. I see her everywhere, hear her voice, see her story. Da vinci Code, is only one example, Magdalene has hit the mainstream, no longer playing a small part in the Bible, she has become the feminine counterpart to Yahshuah. They have labeled her as a prostitute, but why? Was it because they themselves already understood the secrets of the Magdalene and wanted to keep it for themselves? Understanding that her Archetype is so powerful, they themselves desire to keep her Archetype lowly and in servitude to them? I believe this answer is Yes and not only do they keep the class of women in servitude brand them as Nuns, in many cases they stole them from their families and enslaved them, even beyond death as they use their bones as a majickal talismans, burying them into their pulpits and churches to further enslave them for their work in the underworld. Yes, Magdalene was the feminine counterpart to Yahshuah, his bride, it must be so.
What I feel I have uncovered is a conspiracy so huge and vast, that its revealing to the world, could possibly open us into another dimension, to another time. Yet to believe it is madness. It all makes so much sense now, why I wanted to be a Nun at 10 years old, yet never having stepped into a Catholic Church, sure father was Catholic but he never once attended as long as I was born. Many times he would speak of Priests and Nuns, or the Church, with such reverence. I asked him once why do you not go to church anymore? His only answer was silence.

We are surrounded by this code, this matrix. France seems to play a very big part of what I am now referring to as the Magdalene Syndrome. It all started after my trip to France, its unraveling began, at the top of a mountain called Montsegur, alone staring into a black void, losing all space and time. Only my mind and something, something else with me in that dark void. It opened up to me allowing me to see far beyond into its empty womb. It is where she enters and exits this world stage, the White Lady of Montsegur, some believe her to be Esclarmonde de Foix, the figurehead of the Cathars.
She is said to come with the smell of sweet flowers or almonds, the air becoming electric. I never experienced that, I believe what I saw was ‘it’. This white lady she shows up in many other places, and times and forms. All with the same attributes, the smell of Roses, almonds, electricity. Sometimes she is called a witch, as in the infamous Bell Witch at the caves in Tennessee. Sometimes she is called the Virgin Mary, I believe she is a manifestation of this thing, the black void, the Octopus. Its tentacles reach far and wide, wrapping the whole earth in its grid, and man does her bidding. It whispers its secrets into the ears of those who wish to gain power, money, fame, sometimes God. She promises all of them, but never does she speak of the sacrifice. Where did this thing come from? When did she show up, engulfing the great mother and masquerading as her? This is my only quest, to find out where she came from and who she, or it is.

           Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” said Alice.   The genius in madness is that they have no boundaries, and somewhere within that narrative lies truth, the world is mad, it wobbles around like a drunkard, in blind duality, a fractured mass conscious, good has become evil and evil good.   A man can believe they are a woman, that wants to marry a robot, and just because that is how they feel, yet I am crazy to believe that a dark force has enveloped our world, and it is depicted in plain sight as an Octopus wrapping its tentacles around the globe.  They taunt you with the truth in plain sight, they do their black magic right in front of everyone and have done it for a very long time.  

The oldest trick in the book, and the ones who see it are labeled crazy, conspiracy theorist, insane. I must reach out, this is the label they give all the ones like me. Their fate has been met the same way, insanity. I see it in Mary Todd Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth Van Buren who is Elizabeth Van Buren you ask? She at least understood it, and attempted to convey this message. These ‘French Mysteries’. Abraham Lincoln the modern day Jesus is at the center of the American labyrinth. They raised him up he and his Mary, they sacrificed his children and his life, his wife went ‘insane’, sent her to a home in Batavia Il, a place he Abraham had served in the Army before, and knowing what they know, they used all of this to now set up a portal to hell, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a federal government-sponsored high-energy physics laboratory, where both the bottom quark and the top quark were first detected, is located in the city, which resides in Kane Co. Kane really? Its not a far leap to see the implications, Kane/Cain. The Masonic Canaanite ritual is to hit someone in the head in a symbolic killing of Hiram Abiff, this is the builder who was murdered by his fellow masons. So ole Mary goes ‘Bat shit crazy” finds herself committed by her son Robert, and lets be honest, she should go crazy, she has been through a massive fire rite. She is abandoned by pretty much everyone after the death of her husband, she is gossiped about, her children all dead except one and he betrays her and commits her to an insane asylum! They then turn Abraham into a godlike figure, making statues and marking nearly every foot step he took, every bed he slept in and places he ate and drank. They have placed a replica of his home inside a Greek temple on the land where he was born. They place guards at these spots, to protect what??? Everything has energy, EVERYTHING. Either all of it means something or nothing does.

If everything means something then why July 22nd as Magdalene’s feast day? She is our template, our blueprint, the Matrix, then what do they know? Who decided this? I must get to the bottom of this as so many questions will be answered.

I was interrupted by a small problem, my dear husband has had an attempted hack by something or someone called ‘Sleepy William’ , there has been a lack in the unity of our secret underground , it seems our William has been terribly sleepy and not doing all his assignments. These small breaches leave openings for 8 to find ways into our systems. Each one of us act as a doorway, it can either be shut or opened, everytime we respond to our programing, it causes the doors to be unlocked and possibly open to some entity to breach the main hull and attach itself to the controls and create problems. Yahshuah is the 2.0 installment into the programing that should wipe the hardrive, however free will allows for us to overstep the patch update and allow the old program to run. More on that later

             The 22 of every month is what I call a portal date.  It is the day that lands in between each sign, it doesn't really belong to any sign.  These are the days when a Magdalene typically can surf between realms mermaid style, a gate opening if you will, think Fermilab, portal, Magdalene acts like a portal opening between worlds.   But July 22 holds  extra special attributes.   Not only is this day a portal day, but it is smack dab in between Cancer (the moon) and Leo (the Sun).  It is said by Astrologist's that all the other signs are ‘born’, or emanate from these two signs.  The father (Sun) and the mother (moon) birth the twins.  The entire year is born at this moment!  So in other words Magdalene creates reality!  According to the reckoning of the Gregorian calendar.   

Every planet has a dual nature:
*Mars rules Aries and its opposite Scorpio,
*Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn,
*Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces,
*Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo,
*Venus rules Taurus and Libra.
The Mars in Scorpio is different from the Mars in Aries. Scorpio is water, it rules the bladder, it has purgative qualities, sex, death and transformation is my mantra for Scorpio. Aries on the other hand is Fire, it is about the will, Action, War and Blood are Aries qualities. So depending what light you are casting through, that light will land on Mars causing that specific like to take on those attributes. The spring light cast on Mars looks like Aries and so it is for the Fall light on Mars looks like Scorpio. The Father or the Mother, the Light or the Dark, the Yin or the Yang. This is true for all the planets and signs except for Cancer and Leo. It is also during this time that is considered the darkest spiritual light of the year, it is a spiritual void. This is where matter is born into this realm, between the two signs of the father and mother, Cancer and Leo. Sun and Moon. Yahshuah and Magdalene.

The Hebrew alphabet also has 22 letters and is said to be the language that birthed the universe into being according to Kabbalists.    Whenever I see 22 I think Gemini, the twins or Mercury.  This realm is of a dual nature, Light and Dark, the Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, Good and Evil.  What is the Catholic Church trying to say by giving Magdalene a feast day of July 22?  Lets look at her other attributes to see some esoteric understanding.  If we are in a realm of duality, then surely we will find a dual Magdalene, and the same with her Masculine half Yahshuah.  Jesus and Magdalene with his ever watchful mother Mary.  This would be the Roman/Greek version.  Jesus is the Sun deity, worshiped on Sunday, the day all the churches,no matter be they Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Amish….they worship on Sunday, like their mother under the edict of the Pope, along with the same bible.  They have the same holy days, Christmas, Easter, Sunday.  And because of this it will be easy to manipulate them into pagan understandings.  Jesus being the same as other Sun deities, Osiris and his counterpart Isis.  It is this understanding that has taken hold of Magdalene in many circles.  Painting the Masculine as the ever sacrificing male and the Feminine as the perpetual grieving wife, trying to resurrect her husband. In France she is tied to the Black Madonna/Isis, despite most Black Madonnas are representations of the Virgin Mary.   Chartes Cathedral famous for its Labyrinth and its black Madonna, is closely associated to Mary Magdalene.  She is then known as the Lady of the Labyrinth, but I believe this is dark majick, designed to keep the loop closed in this realm.  Yet something amazing happened this past year.  The Black Madonna turned white.  A polarity flip!   I believe that all things regardless they be man made or by the Creator  are all signs.  

The end of the age has come and along with it many signs. The purification of those ancient stories are now. Yet many do not want to let go of the old story. If a tree is dead it will no longer bear fruits. Egyptian tree has died, along with Roman, Greek. All of our knowledge has been based on old trees, old myths and legends. Magdalene is considered the patron of Hairdressers, Prostitutes, as they were viewed as the same, Glove makers this is a mystery to me, except that the hands astrologically are ruled by Gemini. *UPDATE: Think Tom Hanks/DaVinci Code/Abraham Lincoln (Hanks was Lincolns Mother)/Wilson bloody hand glove, see my post about Palm Hand Glove.* Apothecaries, obvious for she was the woman with the Alabaster jar filled with oils, Perfumeries again obvious, and the Labyrinth, she is the Lady of the Labyrinth, because she creates it. They have known this and used this knowledge, yet its not just with Magdalenes, they also use the Masculine archetype of Jesus. With every church, or political figure, they have claimed ground and struck another tentacle on the grid to control it.

Yahshuah said that an old wine skin can not hold new wine, otherwise it burst. It is time for a new tree, and its roots must be planted firmly into the new age of Aquarius, will the Magdalene please stand up? How can we recognize her if she is something we have never seen before? First she must be able to recognize herself, and then secondly be able to lay down her attachment to the old story. This is the difficult part, if you can fully appreciate what is happening here, you will see just how massive of a change this is, nearly the same as moving to another planet, giving up family, friends, your way of life, and all the ancient stories embedded within your subconscious you didn’t even know existed. In Revelations it says there will be no more death or sadness, that every tear will be wiped away, and the memory of sadness will be no more. How is this even possible, unless Death itself is destroyed. The Magdalene is ever associated with death, as it was her husband that was given as a sacrifice to rectify the sin that Adam and Eve brought in, the fallen realm. Full Circle it was supposed to be, however what we have seen from the age of Pisces is not that, it was an age of bloodshed and war, of death, famine, plague. There isn’t a place on this earth that probably doesn’t have blood on it. How then can we even hope to elevate ourselves beyond the realm of death? You may say to yourself that I am not associated, addicted or subconsciously ruled by death? Imagine then no more movies, books, tv, songs, radio, tv, newspapers without violence, death, fear, intrigue, murder?
Even a show as harmlessness as Murder she wrote. No Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, or even sex, “la petite mort.” Magdalene has this knowledge within her, it is the knowledge of heaven and in this realm of duality, it is her hell. The healing of duality is heaven, it is the rectification of the male and female, the sun and moon, the darkness and light. In the new Jerusalem there will be no more light from the sun or moon, that the Lamb himself will be the light of this new age, but I also believe he comes for his bride, Magdalene the moon, acting as the ‘light of the new world’. Yahshuah said “ you are the light of the world, he also said that he was the Light of the world, And so he was, but what happened with this new light? It was the light of life, how did we find ourselves in a realm of death, if Yahshuah resurrected into a realm of life? He said I go to prepare a place for you, in my Fathers house, there are many mansions. Mansions are houses, and houses are also known in astrology as ages. Or Spheres on the Tree of Life When Yahshuah left this realm he left for the next age, from Pisces the fish, or on the Kabbalistic Tree the sphere of Chesed, into the next age of Aquarius the Water Bearer ruled by Saturn ie YHVH. It is the sphere of Bina, also known as the mother. In this next great age, it will once again be the age of the Great Mother ruling in harmony with Masculine Saturn. The two existing as one. The cycle complete in this tree.

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The Loop, The Tree, The Sacrifice.

The Loop = reincarnation

The Tree= you

The Sacrifice= Yahshuah

These symbols can stand alone on their own. The Kabbalaistic Tree of life is in its own right a deep enough subject that in itself could take lifetimes to learn. It is an understanding that can be scaled as small as an atom, an Adam or an Adom. The Leviathans Cross was used by the Cathars but its meaning to them has been lost due to all of their history being wiped by the inquisition, they were considered heretical by the Catholic Church and thusly they and all of their writings burned. It is also a symbol that has been used in Alchemy to mean Sulfur, however even that is a bit blurry as according to, it is more typical to use the earth cross and the symbol for fire to represent Sulfur, with that being said, moving on to the modern association with Satanism, and again there is no historical record for this symbol outside of Levey himself using it as a satanic symbol.

Sulfur (“Leviathan Cross”)
A symbol for the alchemical element Sulfur, (Brimstone) which is spiritually analogous to the human soul. Alchemically, sulfur has the qualities of masculine, hot and dry. Combined with Mercury (feminine, cool and moist), the pair were considered the parents of all metals.
Alchemical drawings often portray Sulfur as the sun. (In some views, sulfur and salt are the parents of Mercury) The symbol of sulfur is often used as an identifying symbol by Satanists, due to sulphur’s historical association with the devil.
This glyph is often referred to incorrectly as the “pontifical cross of Satan” by Christian tract writers, due to its adoption as an emblem of Satanism by Anton LaVey in the 1960s. The emblem has no history as a symbol of Satanism outside of LaVey’s usage, and the attribution is most likely a product of anti-Catholic sentiment, as it is often compared in this context to the Catholic Pontifical Cross. A more common symbol for sulfur is a fire triangle surmounting a cross of earth:

To break this symbol down even further it really starts to make sense. The symbol used in mathematics is the infinity symbol, or infinity loop. The ancients also used the Ouroboros to describe the birth, life and death recycle loop, from beginning to end. Reincarnation, repeating the same story, for infinity sounds like hell to me. Can someone please show me the way out of here? Well there is good news, there is, but first you have to know who you are, or were. Lets say you do know who you are, or the Archetype you are programed to, if you just repeat the same story and buy all the kitch that is associated with it, worship the same way, decorate your house with all the old things you have always loved, just what is that going to do? To use an overused and misquoted

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

And for the record here is the link to the earliest find on that quote, it wasn’t Einstein.

Yeah, its from an addiction group, and that drives my point home, people are addicted to pain and suffering. They don’t really want to be free, not really. They kill or try to shut up the ones that want to set this world free, look through history and you will find nothing but a pile of Martyr that stood above the crowd and said enough! Well I am here to tell you, enough of that shit, and enough of being a Martyr. If people want to be a slave, then be a slave all day long, but don’t expect me to be one. The beast asks for much, and each time you return to this place you drop a little lower, until the hell fires lick at your ass. Even then people want to forget, so they can run to do more sinning. I can tell you that my Magdalene had enough, she turned and repented, she knew it wasn’t about these earthly things, it wasn’t Egypt, it wasn’t red cloaks or having red hair, she knew that it wasn’t about her damn Yoni, or sex, for crying out loud how are people falling into this egotistic bullshit? She was stripped naked by the Satanic mobs along with Yahshuah, forced from her homeland into a place she never knew along with the other disciples, but why??? Because they also had doubt and could not believe what Yahshuah said he was going to do. So they got what they could handle, and that was more pain and suffering, now stripped of everything. Is this what we want?
Infinity Symbol
Ouroboros Infinity

The Cross of Lorraine was used heavily by Jesuits, Huguenots and a rebellion for the Free France movement, each having their own purpose or understanding behind the symbol, however it was not only known to white Christian Europeans it was known by the Jesuits to be familiar already to the Mi’kmaqi tribe in North Eastern Canada according to “The museum called Canada : 25 rooms of wonder by Charlotte Gray”. I am currently on a search for this symbol, but it is not a stretch to understand that it would be considered similar to the Axis Mundi, or World Tree.

Page 236 Charlotte Gray ‘The Museum Called Canada: 25 Rooms of Wonder

And what do we find when we look at the area map of the Mi’KMaqi? Directly north is the Magdalene Islands, need I say more? Remember Magdalene is the Lady of the Labyrinth, the Loop and her only way out is her Great Shaman Yahshuah.

Shamanic function

A common shamanic concept, and a universally told story, is that of the healer traversing the axis mundi to bring back knowledge from the other world. It may be seen in the stories from Odin and the World Ash Tree to the Garden of Eden and Jacob’s Ladder to Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel. It is the essence of the journey described in The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The epic poem relates its hero’s descent and ascent through a series of spiral structures that take him from through the core of the earth, from the depths of Hell to celestial Paradise. It is also a central tenet in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.

Anyone or anything suspended on the axis between heaven and earth becomes a repository of potential knowledge. A special status accrues to the thing suspended: a serpent, a victim of crucifixion or hanging, a rod, a fruit, mistletoe. Derivations of this idea find form in the Rod of Asclepius, an emblem of the medical profession, and in the caduceus, an emblem of correspondence and commercial professions. The staff in these emblems represents the axis mundi while the serpents act as guardians of, or guides to, knowledge.-Wikipedia

Moses placed the Serpent on the Staff in the wilderness and told the people of Israel to look upon it and they would be healed from the bites from the Fiery Serpents, or Seraphim. It was called the Nehushtan and as usually the Israelite’s got in trouble for worshiping the damn thing as they keep on doing, if there is any argument for pagans actually being lost Israel, this is it. It was a picture, a shadow for a future event, and still it remains the same….Decode the symbols Israel, wake up.

Nehushtan monument of the bronze serpent (which Moses erected in the Neghev desert) on Mount Nebo, in front of the church of Saint Moses-Wikipedia

To explain this to any Native American they would quickly understood what Yahshuah was doing, he was the Great Shaman, he sacrificed for his people as a great Shaman would. He hung on a tree and entered the underworld to become a bridge, as all Shamans do. Israel was a very large tribe, TRIBE. A nation of 12 tribes. They were Natives as well, that were nomadic and finally given land of their own. Where have we gone? Well we are still here, we re not recognized, but we do recognize our-self. From a small child I had a deep connection to the Native Americans, French and as an adult I became very strongly pulled towards Judaism, but I knew something was missing from the modern version. Today we have a church that thankfully incorporates all of these elements, and we bring them all together. Israel, Magdalene, return to your roots, strip off the filth of Egypt, she was never your home, it is where you are a slave, where you became a whore and drunk on the wine. Clean yourself off and find true freedom.

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MM WW Towers, Cell Phones and Spying

10 years ago in my first book I wrote about Mary Magdalene she turned out being a spy, it seemed obvious and fits flawlessly into the narrative, but at the time, I didn’t understand why, it was just something I knew. After all this time walking the Magdalene’s path I clearly understand, and if you follow my blog, you should understand as well.

I was asked to write up a little piece about Gal Gadot. I did not know much about her, but it was in light of Huawei and this article in particular, that pieces started to fall together. Wonder Woman and using Gal Gadot as their spokes person (Magdalene Tower) to broadcast the message would make them undefeatable in the silent war. Or would it?

Born Gal Gadot
30 April 1985 (age 33)
Petah Tikva, Israel
Nationality Israeli
School IDC Herzliya
Occupation Actress model
Years 2004–present
Height 5’10
Title Miss Israel 2004
Spouse Yaron Varsano (2008)
Children 2

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel . Gal Gadot was born in Petah Tikvah, which means “Door of Hope” or “Opening of Hope”, also known as Em HaMoshavot (“Mother of the Moshavot“), a moshav is a settlement. It was founded in 1878, mainly by religious orthodox Jews, also known as the Old Yishuv, and became a permanent settlement in 1883 with the financial help of Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

Baron Edmond de Rothchild is of the Noble Jewish House of Rothchild. Descended from Mayer Amshel Rothschild the family built their wealth through banking. The ancestry of the Rothschilds can be traced back to 1577 to Izaak Elchanan Rothschild (Isaac (Isaak) Elchanan Bacharach, zum Hahn), whose name is derived from the German zum rothen Schild (with the old spelling “th”), meaning “with the red shield”, in reference to the house where the family lived for many generations. (At the time, houses were designated by signs with different symbols or colors, not numbers.) The name Rothschild in Yiddish language means Red Coat ( The Red coats are coming!) as in heraldic coat of arms. His grandchildren and descendants took this name as the family name and kept it when they relocated in 1664 to another house in the Judengasse—Hinterpfann (“[house in] the back of the saucepan”)—which became the family’s home and business location through to the early 19th century.

Gal was born and raised in its neighboring city of Rosh HaAyin (Fountainhead) In Hebrew, her first name means “wave” and her surname means “riverbanks”. The name meaning can have many possible implications. Wave as in physical water waves, sound waves, emotional waves, spiritual waves. In biblical terms wave could mean as in Wave offering. Combined with last name and the town she was raised in, undoubtedly there is heavy water symbolism. Could also have implications of a prophetic nature? By combining her mother’s name Irit or (Asphodel) “Lilly” in the Greek.

The Greek mythology surrounding the Asphodel was that it was considered sacred to Persephone as she was crowned with Asphodel. Many poets used it as a symbol of death. Could we make a connection that either she herself or the rise of her persona in the world view is a sign of a coming wave of death ie the underworld? The rise of Persephone, could this also mean that the pale horse of Revelation, is considered the green horse? Both her parents were born in Israel, and they Hebraized their surname from “Greenstein” to “Gadot” prior to her birth. Her father is a sixth-generation Israeli. Her maternal grandparents were born in Europe; her grandfather, who was imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp, survived the Holocaust, and her grandmother left before the Nazi invasion. Gadot has stated that she was brought up in a “very Jewish, Israeli family environment”. Her ancestry is Ashkenazi Jewish (Polish-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish, German-Jewish, and Czech-Jewish). She has one younger sister. Greenstein means Green Stone in German. We know that legend says that the Emerald Tablets known to the world of Alchemy had the knowledge of the Universe on the, but could it be that the 10 Commandments were written on Emerald stone? In the Torah it prophecies that YHVH will write his word on our hearts.

Jeremiah 31:33-34
But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My law (Torah) in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

In the Vedic traditions, the Heart Chakra is typically green. Green is also the color along with pink mostly associated with Venus. It seems that Gal’s family must have had a change, when changing the name from Green Stone to Riverbanks. In work I found a deep spiritual understanding of the Tree of Life. In some esoteric works the Kabbalistic Tree of Life depicts a snake climbing through the spheres.

This snake is the path of Venus. The Green River. Venus casts the first light into the new age, ushering in the next sphere on the tree of life. Piercing knowledge into the age like sperm into the egg, bringing with it the pattern of Adam Kadmon, the blueprint of life, and with it all the ages before it, purified and cleansed.

The evidence for this fact that this message is right for this time is a recent event, the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue. All things have meaning or nothing does, we do not get to luxuriate in the idea that individuals are able to discern between meaning and non-meaning, otherwise we have nothing more that elevated opinions based on popularity. There is only two ways things can be discerned, and it is either all things have meaning or nothing does. This is duality, we do this everyday choosing what to synchronizations to pay attention to and what to ignore. How deep down the rabbit hole can we allow ourselves to travel? How little can we afford to ignore? Our world is in peril because it lacks this understanding any longer, no Shaman to guide us through the galaxy, to shepherd us along the way, yet when one did arrive, Yahshuah, we stripped him of his truth and painted him with what someone else said he was, Jesus. So then if we take the position that everything means something, then what of this Tree of Life Synagogue shooting? Is there a message? Let the names of the victims themselves speak. I took the names and their meanings, starting from oldest to youngest and found there was a message that lined up with my understanding of the Green River, or the rise of Gal Gadot (Greenstein).

Beloved Blind Powerful leader, YHVH is the Green River (Venus River), YHVH is my judge or YHVH Judges Asherah (Happiness), She who brings victory from the Forrest, (wood, Tree) Gentle Lord of the Rose.
Modern Asherah Statue

As we can see it seems as if YHVH himself has set out a message, speaking directly to someone, possibly Trump? Written with the blood of the victims. The Tree has been judged, the Jewish tree to be specific have be I am sure there is even more information as I only used the first names. Wave Green Stone River Banks, that is Gal Gadot basic translation into meaning. Make of it what you will but there is more, what of looking over GG’s most notable role? Wonder Woman. Gadot is the most recent iteration of Diane Prince. Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston (pen name: Charles Moulton), and artist Harry G. Peter. Marston’s wife, Elizabeth, and their life partner, Olive Byrne, are credited as being his inspiration for the character’s appearance. Marston’s comics featured his ideas on and the character drew a great deal of inspiration from early feminists, and especially from birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger; in particular, her piece “Woman and the New Race“. The name I am sure was not chosen by mistake for this character. Diana is a Greek Goddess, she was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature in Roman mythology, associated with wild animals and woodland. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis and absorbed much of Artemis’ mythology, including a birth on the island of Delos to parents Jupiter and Latona, and a twin brother, Apollo, though she had an independent origin in Ital

Diana was known as the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, along with Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry. Oak groves and deer were especially sacred to her. Diana made up a triad with two other Roman deities; Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god.

We can clearly see that there is an agenda behind this ‘Comic’ book adventure series that is geared towards young girls. Written by a psychologist who is involved in an open marriage concept with Feminists and based on Margaret Sanger child sacrifice par excellence! Raising a new race of women that don’t need men or children, only at their discretion, all being secretly driven behind the scenes from Diana of the Grove and her brother Apollo, or Appolyon as he is referred to in Revelation 9:11. This brings rise to the idea that Diana may be the Whore of Babyon. How ironic that she was considered a Virgin.

I see Wonder Woman as an upside down version of Mary Magdalene, WW MM. Mary Magdalene archetype is of a wife and in many legends a mother as well. In some legends she continued on after the Crucifixion and witnessing the resurrection of Yahshuah, she fled with Yahshuah’s uncle Joseph of Arimathea landing in Glastonbury, Cornwall England. I believe to be finally buried there where they secretly brought the church. What was left behind in Israel was overtaken by infiltrators and eventually became to be known as the Catholic Church. Nearly all the vestiges of Yahshuah were overwritten by the Sun God Jesus. So again also with Magdalene. The archetype has been flipped upside down into a paganized Roman version of Magdalene. We should easily be able to see the twining. Yahshuah/Mary Magdalene and Diana/Appolyon. Appolyon today is what I believe to be a mass consciousness and energy. The masculine embodiment already being met 2,000 years ago, and its return is here now. CERN Large Hadron Collider is sitting on top of an ancient temple to Apollo. CERN claims to be the source of the origin of the INTERNET, and it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see that if an ancient God wanted to infiltrate mass consciousness, using something like the Internet, Cell Phones and Cell Towers to do so wouldn’t be a difficult task, especially with the invention of AI.

Following Gadot I have noticed a pattern in her support of film, plays, people and historical figures that she has a strong left leaning political view, as well as a very strong ‘Girl Power’ Feminist vibe. She has chosen to align herself with a story, along with others that are not outlined in this paper, that I believe are completely against what YHVH says in his Torah, and being brought up very “Jewish” this seems that she has delineated from the path set out for her by YHVH. She is a force, a wave, an energy, infused with the very land that YHVH Himself chose, to now be used as a transmitter, a tower for Hasatan’s kingdom. May she be given the opportunity to understand her role, and be flipped upright back into YHVH’s kingdom. There are plenty of Strong Women in history including the Bible, I am not against strong women, I am against imbalance, and while the Feminist say they may love man, it is only if it bends to their will and anyone that does not they will do all they can to shut them down. I am for equality for all races, people, faiths AS LONG AS it is in balance and does not break the basic commands of YHVH’s laws. Those laws are simple and for all of humanity, they protect the Earth and Children, and are for the equality of all peoples who follow the Tree of Life. -2018

Today we find something interesting in the headlines about Huawei. It looks as tho their “Secret Weapon” didn’t work, and I have to ask a question. Should Gadot also be brought in as an accessory since she was a “Secret Weapon” in a spying and racketeering operation by a foreign national? Get your popcorn ready, as things are about to get interesting.