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Ice Cream I Scream

Billy Hershey?

Typically my day starts out checking the morning news, scanning across various channels and finding the daily ‘code’. This day was no different than any other, except we had Ice Cream! Typically its not something we ‘splurge’ on, this day we did. We didn’t go with purpose to Hershey Ice Cream, we meandered, twisting around through the parking lot like sojourners on camels through the scorching sun. The shop was empty except one lone young parlor attendant, dressed in black angst and a tattoo of a skeleton lizard on her left forearm, she explained that she was inspired by another tattoo but didn’t want want to copy so she changed it to a lizard…. Not realizing she has just met people that are looking beyond the power move she is attempting to make by her symbolic choices, by expressing her greatest fears she draws them to her. Everyone does it, they wrap the ego around the thing they think will give them power, whatever it is.

“I see you like horror movies” said my husband. “Why yes”, with a side grin she said “I do.” “What is your favorite horror movie” He asks, she never expecting that he is probing her deepest subconscious just with a question that looks like average conversation to the uninitiated.

“Saw” she said with a hint of guilt, “I know, I don’t really like the gore, I like the brilliance, the psychology” “So Thriller?” said my husband” “Yes, she said, I like thrillers, well I like them as long as they happen to someone else and not me”

It was those last words, the exclamation point at the end of her 2 minute conversation. The juxtaposition between an Ice Cream Parlor, rainbow sprinkles, Salted Carmel Banana Fosters and Graham Cracker double dips and DEATH! What world have we become? What happened to innocence, purity, did we ever have it? Or was it just covered by chocolate dip and laying right below the surface, has been staring at us all along? I suppose over the last several years I have just become somewhat numb and expecting it, but there once was a time I didn’t feel that way. Death has become our obsession, our consumption, no different than our 41 flavors of Ice Cream.

“Scorpio, Lizard mind/Alien, Atheist, Leftist, Sexual Abuse, the little spiral revealed that, Saturn, Pluto, Hersey Pennsylvania, Water/Lack of Water, Pluto, Father Issues/Saturn, can I help her? How can I help her when she doesn’t know she needs help? Oh god she didn’t just say that? Please YHVH, help her.” spoke my mind in silence summing up the situation, and then we went outside and sat on the pavement of a strip mall, just like thousands of others across this world. I turned it off, shut it out for 10 minutes and just focused on the moment, seeing the Ice Cream drip down my husbands bushy beard, realizing he is gonna need way more than a small tissue napkin.

I dressed different that day, I donned my prototype ‘religious’ garb, throwing together scarves and some flowy silk pants I grabbed years ago at a festival. Feeling sorta fancy, when we walked by a white Mercedes, it seemed so clean, so pure next to our old Ford, “I feel like that would be a better fit today, I don’t feel like we match our car, I think YHVH is doing something specific with us” We fit no expectations, yet we fill many types, Fusion, just like our DNA is kinda my style.

Yesterday started like any other day, but it wasn’t. July 28th 2019. I found out through a friend that there was a Mormon site called Family Search, the site was free and she was surprised at the new information she was uncovering. I signed up and plugged in a few family names, then watched my family tree unfurl like an ancient scroll, connecting me to people I had heard about in passing, taking me all the way back to 100bc. Devere’s, the legendary family tied to the Dragon Linage, mythology’s have surrounded this name, Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein. A karmic load if there ever was one. Then reading this mornings headlines, the experience all started to make sense, a shooting at a Garlic Festival. All threads of time and place, people, events started to unlock a window revealing the intricate tapestry, starting with the King of Chocolate Milton Snavley Hershey.

I read code based on what I call the Magdalene Code. If you haven’t read my blog, it is a primer for understanding the historical constellation that repeats. Magdalene Opus I is written in three parts.


Horror 12th Century Style

Hershey died on a very specific date that carries a marker. Traumatic events make an energetic stamp on time, like 9-11. October 13th is one of those days, the slaughter of the Knights Templar’s. Hershey died on October 13, so understanding that, we know that something about him must resonate or align with that date, so then we can then understand why the Ice Scream Parlor attendant, what else could it be but sugar coated death. Hershey was born in Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania, named for Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France, the son of Marie Antoinette, he died at the age of 7 to tuberculosis, and during the Reign of Terror his tomb was desecrated. Repeating pattern. France, Revolution, Terror. Marie Antoinette was known for her love of delicacies in specific chocolate. Could just the naming of the county after her son and she herself was Dauphin (Queen in Waiting) cause Hershey to not only take on the gift of chocolate, but the karmic cycle of Terror? Names have powerful influence far beyond the surface, words, sounds utterances are majick,

Proverbs 18:1 Death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruits there of.

Hershey formed the Lancaster Caramel Company first on February 8th 1894 and then the Hershey Chocolate Company the following day. Hearing the name Lancaster instantly brings up the sound track to Game of Thrones in my mind and it is not off the mark. Lancaster Pennsylvania was named after Lancaster England, which is named for the Lancaster’s where the House of Lancaster held its seat. Famous for the War of Roses. Hershey ended up selling Lancaster Carmel Co. to the American Carmel Co which was based in York Pennsylvania, and guess what! Yes you got it, seeing a trend here? York is named “The White Rose City” after the House of York’s white rose. Another pattern is forming if you pay attention, Red and White. Another well known understanding to the initiates of Alchemy Arts, but in order to understand a thing, you must go as far back as you can in history to the roots. To see where the pebble dropped in the proverbial pond. In recorded history’s case that would be Egypt.

In Egypt there were two Kingdoms, Upper and Lower. They were represented by their crowns.

The hedjet, also known as hdt, is the crown worn by the king of Upper (Southern) Egypt. It resembles a bowling pin and is also called the “White One.” In addition, this crown is one half of the double crown, the pschent. No crowns are known to have been found in any archeological digs. Some Egyptologists have speculated that the hedjet was made out of leather, felt, or some other fabric. Another possibility is that it was woven like a basket, as the deshret (red crown) is known to have been, of plant fiber. A hedjet with Nekhbet the vulture goddess next to the head of the cobra goddess is the symbol used to represent the hedjet. Several Egyptian gods, such a Nekhbet and Horus, are seen in some drawings and carvings wearing the hedjet. Images of this crown have been found in Ta-Seti Northern Nubia.

Crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt

The crown of Lower Egypt, also known as deshret, is a red bowl shaped crown with a protruding curlicue. It is typically associated with the rulers and pharaohs of Lower Egypt. The word deshret is also the name for the arid land surrounding the Nile River area.

The red color of the crown is symbolic of the “red land”, arid desert land that surrounded the fertile “black land” of Kemet. The curlicue of the crown is symbolic of the proboscis, or stinger, of the honey bee. The crown was woven, like a basket, of plant fiber, perhaps grass, straw, flax, palm leaf, or reed. It is theorized that it was passed down from king to king instead of being buried with each king, which might explain why no actual deshret has been found.

Representations of the deshret can be seen as early as the late Naqada I period, around 3500 BCE. In these early predynastic times, it is believed the crown was worn in association with the god Seth, and it wasn’t until the formation of the first dynasties, around 3000 BCE, that it became symbolic of rule over Lower Egypt.

These Kingdoms have repeated the same warring cycles for thousands of years, they say that history repeats its self, well it does, and as long as people are willfully ignorant of they ARCHtypes, they are doomed to play it over and over. History is nothing more than a mirror. So we have the King of Chocolate, a King of Horror, and if you are aware enough you would catch a reference to the King of Pop.

The war of the Roses along with the French Revolution and the slaughter of the Knights Templar’s all wrapped up in a tiny Hershey’s Kiss, but is it the kiss of Judas?

Part Two we will discuss Saw.