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Viva Revolution America Edition

Exact replica of the Statue of Liberty’s torch

I would like to state I did not plan on making a blog posting today, however there are some serious energies lining up. This is a quick and not well edited analysis…Sorry I just didn’t have time today. These edits and analysis take hours and hours. Code New Jersy:

New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.

Reese Witherspoon is all up in this as when we went to visit the old man that gave JB the Grouse Whiskey he was watching Legally Blonde his favorite move. I posted earlier Cruel Intentions and I found that from the massive car wreck earlier today in Colorado as the man who caused it was named Aguilera, I did a search for Christine Aguilera and found that her songs are used in the Stage version of Cruel Intentions, which is based on the French Revolution work Les Liaisons dangereuses which is how I got to the code I posted earlier.

Reese is also in the movie version, but now lets get to New Jersey.

New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.

New Jersey representatives Richard Stockton, John WITHERSPOON, Francis Hopkinson, John Hart, and ABRAHAM Clark were among those who signed the United States Declaration of Independence.

Jersey comes from a place in France, Jersey and Gurnsey it is a small Island. St. Peter’s Port is the Capital of Gurnsey so there we have our Rooster/Peter part of the code. One of the famous inhabitants was Victor Hugo.

Victor MARIE Hugo was famous for his literary works, specifically novels Les Misérables, 1862, and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Well this is very interesting, as I had earlier in the week already visited the Gurnsey site as I had a visitor from that country reading my blog about Notre Dame. How apropos. Now on to the other vector, I started down a trail that led me to Paris at a specific address. 17 Place des Reflets, 92400 Courbevoie, France, I was following the trail of another Peter, who recently headed up a company. What brought me down this path? Well JB had sent me information about John Wilkes Booth third Great Grandson who is an author. He wrote some books and interestingly enough one of them is about the South of France and the Cathars along with a book about Victor Hugo. Circled right back around, I took a second look at Hugo and looked into the Capital of Gurnesy. St Peters Port which then led me to Brehon Tower..I pay attention to towers (Magdalene), I saw a nearby Island name Jethou, two things stood out.

A fiction work written about the Island by Mary Gentle

Set in the same alternate medieval world as Gentle’s Ash: A Secret History sequence, Ilario, A Story of the First History is more limited in scope. The protagonist, Ilario, is an intersex person seeking to serve as apprentice to a master painter, a path that takes Ilario from Iberia to Carthage, Rome, Venice and Constantinople. Described as “part picaresque, part travelogue, part prose chanson de geste”, the story serves to examine issues of gender, sexuality, and power.

And In 1996 the island was leased by Sir Peter Ogden of IT company Computacenter. Who is this guy? I did a litte research and saw that he worked for a variety of Corps in IT, but I only paid notice to France as that is where this connection all seems to be happening. I looked up the address and found we are in Paris, RIGHT IN ALIGNMENT WITH The Arch De Triumph, Notre Dame, but a small side step away is this little Gem.

This sits right on top of the tunnel where Princess Di was killed (many think intentionally) and people thought this was placed there for her but it was not! It is an exact replica of the Torch of the Statue of Liberty. How ‘coincidental’! I posted yesterday on my Vox Blog about Holywood and Diana worship and how they sacrificed to the Goddess. We literally have this exactly happening. But did you also know that the same Soros cycle Eclipse that happened this last year on Aug 21 2017 also is the same Soros cycle Eclipse that happened just shy of 2 years after Princess Diana died?

“The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse is part of the Saros 145 series. The previous total solar eclipse in this series occurred on August 11, 1999. The next one will be on September 2, 2035. The first cycle in this series occurred on January 4, 1639, and the last one will be on April 17, 3009.”

Princess Di died Aug 31 1997 Magdalene Code day. So this lead me straight back to the Statue of Liberty The code for the day is heavy in Revolution. Specifically a one to one with the French Revolution. The removal of the New Jersey State park of the Mississippi Flag because of the Confederate connection all circles around to a singularity of the code today, add into the fact that Melania Trumps Birthday is today and they are entertaining ABE the Prime Minsister of Japan (WWII) I will be SHOCKED if nothing happens.

In my mailbox I received an update from Mystic Medusa about Lillith showing up in Pisces, we all know Lillith can be contrary, but also along with Neptune…Yikes.

That is some sort of underworld water, dark water, Douglas (Douglas means Darkwater) code. Blackwater/Whitewater, Clintons, etc. What this is all saying to me is that a Civil War is about to unleash, or a Revolution type of energy is getting very heavy. LGBTQ++ Left, Democrats against the Republican, Right, Religious are probably about to clash in a pretty big way. Sacrifice is possible from some high level person? I have not had a chance to look over the details of the Colorado Crash, it could be that may ‘fit’ the energy…I do not know. I was not planning on writing so much today, but its just pouring in heavy.

I wish this were not so, I wish people could just learn to live together in peace, but it seems it just cant be. Hold on, lets hope the stream thins out and chills out.

PSS… I expect Megan Markle will be having her baby very very soon, and it should reflect this type of Revolutionary energy. MM Magdalene.

5 thoughts on “Viva Revolution America Edition

  1. Reese Witherspoon is “proud” of her “Southern upbringing”. The director of “Legally Blonde” is my second cousin, a Croatian guy who’s originally from Sydney, Australia (the “Great Southern Land”).

    1. From South to North and North to South, from the S to the P and the P to the S karma flows.

  2. “Grouse” is also an Australian slang word meaning “excellent; awesome”.

  3. The director’s name is Robert Luketic. Robert (“bright; fame”) + Luketic (anagram of Lucki ET). The lucky bright morning star of extraterrestrial origin. Australia is called the “Lucky Country”. A swastika is a symbol meaning “lucky, fortunate, or auspicious”. Shiva, “The Destroyer”, means “the auspicious one”. Connect the dots.

    1. 😉 You should join forces with me, roll a blog. GURRRL

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