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The Stream

Queen Anne by Michael Dahl,1705

The stream is always speaking, all experience is the stream. What do I mean by stream? It is the existence around us, flowing at all times, whatever comes into the realm of the 5 senses, are bits of information you are receiving from the stream. Like in the matrix it is the code except is is forming around you in 3d. It goes beyond, as far as one can sense. You are the point of contact, and something is speaking to you. Some would call them synchronicity, and enjoy the experience. There is a point where the higher the awareness of this stream, the higher danger of losing your grip on reality. It becomes especially maddening if you do not understand the reason the synchronicity is happening.

One way to raise the awareness is to stop in the moment, and freeze it, stop what you are doing and look, listen, feel. Is there music? What is playing? What is the song? What is the meaning? What colors are you wearing? What is the name brand? What does your name mean? What is your house number? What is the name of the street/city you live in? Every single piece of art, music, writing, has meaning and it is all connected, and its all majick, and you are responsible for what you surround yourself with, the shirt you are wearing, was it made by children slaves in a third world country? Choose life or death.

Here is the stream for you…..There are echos throughout all of these pieces of information, it all ties together forming a story, and will fall into an archetype, nothing can exist outside of its stream or ray.

Deadmau5, Blue Bell Mardi Gras Ice Cream, Queen Anne.

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