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Magdalene Opus 1

Chapter 3

Magdalene from the beginning of time

To understand Magdalene, we must trace back in time the original or as far back as we can to find this archetype in time. During my research in writing a fictional book, I came across a Paleolithic group of people during an era called Magdalena era. Yeah, you see. These people have caves with Neolithic art still etched upon the cave walls.

According to Wikipedia: The culture spans from approximately 17,000 to 12,000 , toward the end of the last ice age. the Magdalenians are best known for their elaborate worked bone, antler, and ivory that served both functional and aesthetic purposes, including perforated batons. Examples of Magdalenian portable art include batons, figurines, and intricately engraved projectile points, as well as items of personal adornment including sea shells, perforated carnivore teeth (presumably necklaces), and fossils.” The most famous Cave of the Magdalenian era is Lascoux. The Field Museum had a Lascoux display, and this is one of the examples they created of a Magdalneian Cave dweller. White, red haired child.

Magdalenian Child

We know that these people dwelt primarily in the south of France, also the same place where it is said by legend that Mary Magdalene also lived for 40 years in a cave. It is easy to see the correlation, there are no massive leaps of faith to make here, its all right in front of us. So my question is what set this pattern into place? Could it have been these people, as they also saw an end of an era? If my hypothesis is right, then we are set to see a karmic loop start to correct itself. As the end of one age is beginning and the start of a new is at the door. Does Magdalene accompany the ending of one age and beginning of another age? Is she the bridge between ages? I particularly do not like the Catholic Church. It has a list thousands years long full of atrocities and in my opinion one of the largest cults in the world. It does however hold clues for us if we understand its place holder in time. Like looking into a dark camera to see a negative image. Why has the Catholic Church placed specific days to celebrate Saints, why do they set them as patrons over places and occupations? Why do they have the attributes they do, when no other texts seem to allude to this information? The Catholic Church is sitting on vast amounts of secret texts, and learning from ancient sources, 50 miles of secret Vatican archives sit underneath Vatican City. Very few people are allowed to access this information. However we can find it scattered throughout the world from the people coerced by these evil overlords.

Mary Magdalene’s feast day is July 22. The 22 of every month is what I call a portal date. It is the day that lands in between each sign, it doesn’t really belong to any sign. These are the days when a Magdalene typically can surf between realms mermaid style, which is why in my opinion she is heavily connected to the Mermaid, she is able to easily access a gate opening if you will.

But July 22 holds extra special attributes. Not only is this day a portal day, but it is smack dab in between Cancer (the moon) and Leo (the Sun). It is said by Astrologist’s that all the other signs are ‘born’, or emanate from these two signs. The father (Sun) and the mother (moon) birth the twins. Every planet has a dual nature. Mars rules Aries and its opposite Scorpio, Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. The Hebrew alphabet also has 22 letters and is said to be the language that birthed the universe into being according to Kabbalists. Whenever I see 22 I think Gemini, the twins or Mercury. This realm is of a dual nature, Light and Dark, the Yin and Yang, Masculine and Feminine, Good and Evil. What is the Catholic Church trying to say by giving Magdalene a feast day of July 22? Lets look at her other attributes to see some esoteric understanding.

If we are in a realm of duality, then surely we will find a dual Magdalene, and the same with her Masculine half Yahshuah. Jesus and Magdalene with his ever watchful mother Mary. This would be the Roman/Greek version. Jesus is the Sun deity, worshiped on Sunday, the day all the churches,no matter be they Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Amish…they worship on Sunday, like their mother under the edict of the Pope, along with the same bible. They have the same holy days, Christmas, Easter, Sunday. And because of this it will be easy to manipulate them into pagan understandings. Jesus being the same as other Sun deities, Osiris and his counterpart Isis. It is this understanding that has taken hold of Magdalene in many circles. Painting the Masculine as the ever sacrificing male and the Feminine as the perpetual grieving wife, trying to resurrect her husband.

In France she is tied to the Black Madonna/Isis, despite most Black Madonnas are representations of the Virgin Mary. Chartres Cathedral famous for its Labyrinth and its black Madonna, is closely associated to Mary Magdalene. She is then known as the Lady of the Labyrinth, but I believe this is dark majick, designed to keep the loop closed in this realm. Yet something amazing happened this past year in 2017. The Black Madonna turned white. A polarity flip!

I believe that all things regardless they be man made or God made are all signs. The end of the age has come and along with it many signs. The purification of those ancient stories are now. Yet many do not want to let go of the old story. If a tree is dead it will no longer bear fruits. Egyptian tree has died, along with Roman, Greek. All of our knowledge has been based on old trees, old myths and legends. Magdalene is considered the patron of Hairdressers, Prostitutes, as they were viewed as the same, Glove makers this is a mystery to me, except that the hands astrologically are ruled by Gemini. Apothecaries, obvious for she was the woman with the Alabaster jar filled with oils, Perfumeries again obvious, and the Labyrinth, with which I am hopefully using this gift to show you, just how she is over the ‘Loop’ or also known as a Labyrinth.

Yahshuah said that an old wine skin can not hold new wine, otherwise it burst. It is time for a new tree, and its roots must be planted firmly into the new age of Aquarius, will the Magdalene please stand up? How can we recognize her if she is something we have never seen before? First she must be able to recognize herself, and then secondly be able to lay down her attachment to the old story. This is the difficult part, if you can fully appreciate what is happening here, you will see just how massive of a change this is, nearly the same as moving to another planet, giving up family, friends, your way of life, and all the ancient stories embedded within your subconscious you didn’t even know existed. In Revelation it says there will be no more death or sadness, that every tear will be wiped away, and the memory of sadness will be no more. How is this even possible, unless Death itself is destroyed. The Magdalene is ever associated with death, as it was her husband that was given as a sacrifice to rectify the sin that Adam and Eve brought in, the fallen realm. Full Circle it was supposed to be, however what we have seen from the age of Pisces is not that, it was an age of bloodshed and war, of death, famine, plague. There isn’t a place on this earth that probably doesn’t have blood on it. How then can we even hope to elevate ourselves beyond the realm of death? You may say to yourself that I am not associated, addicted or subconsciously ruled by death? Imagine then no more movies, books, tv, songs, radio, newspapers without violence, death, fear, intrigue, murder? Even a show as harmlessness as Murder she wrote. No Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, or even sex, “la petite mort.”

Magdalene has this knowledge within her, it is the knowledge of heaven and in this realm of duality, it is her hell. The healing of duality is heaven, it is the rectification of the male and female, the sun and moon, the darkness and light. In the new Jerusalem there will be no more light from the sun or moon, that the Lamb himself will be the light of this new age, but I also believe he comes for his bride, Magdalene the moon, acting as the ‘light of the new world’. Yahshuah said “ you are the light of the world, he also said that he was the Light of the world, And so he was, but what happened with this new light? It was the light of life, how did we find ourselves in a realm of death, if Yahshuah resurrected into a realm of life? He said I go to prepare a place for you, in my Fathers house, there are many mansions. Mansions are houses, and houses are also known in astrology as ages.

When Yahshuah left this realm he left for the next age, from Pisces the fish, or on the Kabbalistic Tree the sphere of Chesed, into the next age of Aquarius the Water Bearer ruled by Saturn ie YHVH. It is the sphere of Bina, also known as the mother. In this next great age, it will once again be the age of the Great Mother ruling in harmony with Masculine Saturn. The two existing as one. The cycle complete in this tree. What then is the role of the Magdalene type? What is her ‘job’? And will she hear the message in time?

Prototype for the next age

As I have wandered spiritually through my life, I started to wonder why did we do this tradition? Where did the idea of cutting a pine tree down and ripping it of nature to then stick it in my house and adorn it with costly glass orbs come from? I will hopefully trace the path through time to find the original essence of why this tradition came to be and be able to return you to the true essence of who is behind The Christmas/Christ Mass tree.

All cultures celebrate some sort of Winter Solstice and nearly all of them are very similar, involving trees, evergreens to be exact, fire/light, why? December 21st is the shortest day of light we experience each year and it is the death of light. For three days the sun is at its lowest point, then on December 25th the sun starts it rise in the sky again, be reborn. So what does a tree have to do with this time period? Light I understand but a tree? I believe it is because it is the Mother who births the light from the tree.

In the Hebrew esoteric writing of the Kabbalah they speak of something called the Etz Chaim or the Tree of Life.

This is a blueprint for all of existence. You can shrink it down or blow it up to the size of the Universe. It can be used as a model for all realms of life and existence. As a blueprint for the human body we are considered trees. At the roots we have Malkhut and at the top of the head we have Keter, the crown. It was woman who first birthed the first offspring into existence, it was also a woman who birthed the light of the world into this realm according to the Bible. And so it is on a larger scale, the sun is birthed again on our realm through the tree, the light on the Christmas tree is allegory, which is why we have Christ ie.. Yahshuah being born on Christmas, he was being birthed through the tree of Mary. Was he actually born on Christmas? Probably not, however the ancient tradition fits, and if you like was a prophecy of the coming of a messiah. It also is a picture of our universe as our realm passes from one age to the next it flows up the tree into different spheres. If you were to understand each age according to the planets in the spheres you will see the ‘flow’ of the ages. The age we have been born into and for the last 2000 years is the age of Pisces. This age avatar is Yahshuah/Jesus and the symbol mostly recognized for this is of course the Fish! In the Tree of life we see that Chesed is the sphere represented by Jupiter, Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces and there we can see how that on the tree Chesed is the age of Pisces. What is Chesed it is the sphere known as Mercy or loving kindness. What better avatar to have than a suffering Messiah who loved us enough to die for us. That being established, we see that the next age coming is is Aquarius and this will be the age of Oneness, humanity. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn as well as the sphere of Bina. Bina is known as The MOTHER! And so it is, will the real Mother stand up!

We see that the Christmas tree usually has some sort of garland winding through it, as if it were wrapped by a snake. We know that in the beginning there was a snake in a tree, it spoke to Eve the first Mother and seemed to trick her into eating of the trees fruit, this was the tree of good and evil or the tree of knowledge. In the bible to Know someone was to ‘know’ them if you ‘know’ what I mean..wink wink. So we can deduce that esoterically Eve then KNEW Adam and they conceived a child. It was under this tree we have the first born of humanity, the spark or light if you will.

As the snake or river of time flows through the tree, humanity is birthed into each age. The sun is birthed over and over again into new ages and we along with it. This river of time carries with it the knowledge of humanity, and its traditions flowing along with it changing age after age. So the Christmas tree we have today is the same tree of the ancient Celts, of the ancient Romans of the Ancient Egyptians, each of them branding her through their lens of culture and imprinting on it their beliefs. Retelling the same story. There was a tree that lives forever (evergreen) and she bears the light (sun) with her, the savior of humanity, for without it we are surely no more. However each of these trees of belief have died. We no longer have the Roman Saturnalia and its worldwide worship, we no longer have the Egyptian worship of 12 days of the winter solstice, what do we have? Well today we all still have Christmas which is an amalgamation of Celtic, Roman and Jewish traditions rolled up into one all smeared together like peanut butter and jelly. However Yahshuah was not Roman or Celtic he was Jewish. Who is the tree in Jewish tradition? Who is this Mother? To wipe away and clean off all the traditions we can then clearly see who we are looking at.

God is everything, he is the creator of all, and in so there can be nothing that he did not create. The heavens are a testament to his handiwork so the bible says and so everything that is in this realm and all realms are Gods creations, good or evil, it can be no other way. The light and the dark, the good and the evil, male and female. So then if they created us in their image, who must they be? Elohim is the term used for the creators. In Hebrew when you see im as the suffix it means it’s a plural word. Elohim according to translators means gods, angels, judges, can imply many things. If we are made in their own image, it can only mean male and female. Male and female, the Chinese yin and yang is the complete balance of all nature. If there is a father, we must have a mother.

Hidden within the pages of the bible is the wife of God himself, Asherah. She is depicted as a tree and our first glimpse of her I believe is in the garden of Eden as the Tree of Life. I also believe that Adam came from this tree as it says…

Gen 1:27 And Elohim created the man in His own image; in the image of Elohim He created him. He created them male and female.

The word used for created is bara, according to translators it means:



A primitive root; (absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed (as formative processes): – choose, create (creator), cut down, dispatch, do, make (fat).

To cut out of a tree is a proper understanding here according to the translation. If my understanding is correct then the pattern would hold. From Macro to micro scale the patter would repeat. From the Tree the creation is born, over and over. Next we find her with Abraham plants a grove of trees after he strikes a deal with Abimelech

Gen 21:33 And Abraham planted a grove in Beersheba, and called there on the name of the LORD, the everlasting God.

In the KJV of the bible they usually translate Asherah to Grove, however in this instance grove is the word



From a root of uncertain signification; a Tamarisk tree; by extension a grove of any kind: – grove, tree.

What a strange thing to do! Hey man striking a deal, plants a grove of trees. Unless you know that planting a grove of trees was in honor of the Mother as a witness, not as a worship as much as a testament or symbol. The Tamarisk tree was a sacred tree, in ancient Samaria it was the goddess Ninsun, the wild cow. Asherah is also symbolized as a cow, or Taurus/Venus, as she is the Great Mother, the Earth or Venus. The cow being Taurus and Venus being the planet that rules Taurus. The children of Israel keep getting in trouble with her over and over, by making images of her and then worshiping them above God. When Moses takes to long visiting with God, the children of Israel make a Cow and then start to worship it, giving offerings and then saying This is the God that brought us out of the land of Egypt. Not true! Asherah while being a good Mother, was not the God that brought them out, assist, sure but YHVH is the one that lead them out of the land of Egypt. They continue to make things worse by breaking all the commandments they had just gotten and agreed to.

Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

Exodus 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

So it says here they are not to put any other gods BEFORE him, nor worship them nor make images of them. However to acknowledge them and respect as a messenger of God is not forbidden. Like the Angels are venerated but not to be worshiped. Asherah is the feminine aspect of God, but not the totality of God.

Throughout the bible we find many examples of Asherah groves and they start to worship Baal alongside her, forgoing YHVH altogether. I liken it to today’s problem with Christianity. Putting Jesus or Mary above YHVH. While claiming to be followers of YHVH, they do as the children of Israel, putting up their Christmas Trees, pictures of Jesus, statues of Mary, all along YHVH has said, do not do this! The Father YHVH, the Mother Asherah and the son Yahshuah are the essence of the family TREE. While Hezekiah stripped all vestiges of Asherah away from the children of Israel for their improper worship and placement of the Mother.

Jer 10:3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

Jer 10:4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

Yahshuah crucified on the Tree, to redeem the feminine, the eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. The masculine sacrificing to the tree. Full circle redemption. Like the ages before us there are many stories about the masculine sacrificing, Osiris, Odin, Horus, Jesus. I believe the difference is that Yahshuah did it for all time, it is finished.

We come to the tree with our wishes, ask her for gifts and wake up with presents beneath her. Why not get back to the essence of the great Mother. She does give us gifts with every tree. Flowers, nuts, fruits, saps, wood, leaves for healing, shade and the very air we breathe. So many things we receive and yet take for granted. As if it weren’t enough we then chop her down, stick her in our homes and decorate her with our projected egos, who has the prettiest trees win! 1, 3, 6, 11 trees in one house, while children starve. I ask, that we start to think of a better way as we approach and are birthed into the new Age of Aquarius, why not plant trees during the winter solstice during the festival of lights! Dedicate them to the living God and sure put some lights on them, but remember why! It is by the Mother, the Great Tree of Life we are living and we give thanks for helping to sustain us.

The rectification of the Magdalene is no easy task. She must be willing to see her part in the co construction of the current paradigm. If we are to believe that she indeed has the power to bend or re adjust the labyrinth, then we must look at the current manifestation of that labyrinth grid and ask some tough questions. Why are we experiencing anything but paradise? We can blame it on men, churches, parents, however the truth is we have no one to blame but ourselves. With the recent #metoo crowd, many women jumped on the bandwagon to say that they too had been sexually abused in some shape or fashion. I have a secret, I too am one of the many women that have been sexually abused, however I do not blame my abusers, I do blame myself however. With the exception of one incident, it was I who put myself into foolish situations, yes it is the way you dress, it is the people you are with, it is being in places with drugs and alcohol, does it give a man the right to do evil, no, however we already know we live in a dangerous and evil world, why should that change? Are you willing to send your children alone in a public restroom on the scary side of town? NO? Why? I mean it is wrong that anyone would harm them, so that should give you the right to allow them to roam anywhere they wish, wearing anything they want, and speaking to whomever, right? Of course not, it would be foolish, yet this new movement wants to be able to do just that. I should be able to walk around with my shirt off and men should just take it. Wrong, it is not that simple, and it is foolish to think so. We can however start the dialog of why is this happening? And is it possible to live in a world that we could, a return to Eden. It is impossible for that world to come until Magdalene lets go of the ancient story, cleanses herself off and becomes the new prototype.

Imagine if you will for a moment Eden. It is perfection on earth. A perfect nature. It is a place to roam free, without fear of death from insect, animal, poison. The purest water, and a place where everyone is equal. No competition, greed, lust, just you and your loved ones, living in harmony. But first you must pass some tests to enter in.

1. Money, do you love it? How do you earn it? It is off the back of the Great Mother? Does it involve child sacrifice?

2. How do you use your resources? How much water, electricity, natural gas, gasoline? Is it used without thought? Do you try to reduce your footprint? What kind of gas mileage does your car get?

3. Food. Do you mass kill animals? Where do you get your food from, do you produce it yourself or do you rely on large corporations to produce fake foods, or gmo, dyed, chemical foods? Do you even think of food as sacred?

4. Children. If you have children who is teaching them, what are they teaching them, is it the truth? How do you know it is the truth, who are the teachers and what do they believe? How much time are you spending with your children daily? What are you feeding them and how are you clothing them? What do they believe?

5. Karma/Ancestry. Where do you come from and what did your ancestors do? Are they involved in the killing of slaughter of Native Americans? Or any indigenous people? If the answer is yes, what are you doing to rectify that issue?

This is just a sample of questions about values. If you can not provide a self aware assessment that is in alignment with the values of the next age, and if you do not have the right pass-code to get in the door, ie..portal of the next age, you will not be allowed into a new house just to dirty it up again. Things will not continue as they always have, ask Egypt, Rome and Greece. Every age and all the gods belonging to those ages required sacrifice. It is my believe that we are actually in a realm of hell, there are many levels, even now on this earth, depending where you are. From the paradise to slums, either of those and all of those are indeed their own hells, when you realize the hell lives inside. Your ancestors worshiped many different gods. They are still alive and well, even though we may not believe it, that does not necessarily make it so, you then have made yourself a god to judge it rightly. But nature itself shows differently. The birds, trees, planets, sun, bugs, and all of them with millions of species, under the earth, in the ocean. We can only see a small spectrum of light, not even knowing how many spectrum exist, but yet somehow we have decided in our tiny understanding that gods and goddesses do not exist. That takes much more faith than I am capable of. There is only one that I am aware of that has said they came to rectify things for humankind, that is Yahshuah. If you believe yourself to be a Magdalene, this part should come easy. He said my sheep know my voice. He is the door into the next age, and he will be asking you the pass-code.

I named this book The Magdalene Opus because this is a tapestry of universal music, one so rich and omnipotent one book could not contain the vast cosmic web of information. I will be expounding more in depth in future installments. The beginning tells the end. Can we evolve the story? Its up to you.

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